The Stones’ Magic

Goal: To be initiated to many facets of the attractive stones’ world.

Products included:

  • Collection of 10 stones + Pocket + Identification table of stones’ properties

Teachings offered:

  • How to choose your stones: more than one approach;
  • Stone Properties: How it works;
  • Uses and care of stones.


  • Choose a stone, check its properties, receive its message and its support.

Light work:

  • Activation of a stone and its programmation.


  • A stone with its message.

Benefits provided:

  • Centering and rooting force;
  • Recognition of the healing and the arousing energies associated to stones;
  • Protection of heavier energies that can be harmful to us;
  • Facilitates the integration of forces, qualities and virtues that we seek and which are emitted by stones;
  • Memories Awakening and stimulation of our psychic abilities;
  • Storing our intentions and lightening our mental plane;
  • Encourages our openness to the magical side of life;
  • Add an element of beauty;
  • Corrects some dissonances found in our environments (Feng Shui at home and at work).

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