Personalized Coaching with Monique

Your Initiating Quest: The Path to Success

You, Your Life, Your Dreams

Your Personal Power in the service of Your life!

Increases your level of energy, confidence and abilities.

Allow yourself the experience of happiness, to be fully yourself in the path of your dreams and to be surrounded by the people with whom you are supposed to be.

Realize your dreams, reach your goals:

  • Personal development;
  • Love / relationships;
  • Career;
  • Finance.

This program is for those who are willing to invest in them in order to fulfill their dreams, to offer the best of themselves to life and to make the openings to receive the best of Life.

Accompaniment offered to those who are ready to invest and to be fully committed to their approach:

According to your objective or to your intention:

  • You receive clarity;
  • You receive a personalized action plan;
  • You are encouraged and accompanied as you take up the challenges of your life (trauma, resistance and limiting thoughts);
  • You are mentored and motivated as you implement positive changes;
  • You get the results that direct you to your success.

Some appropriate affirmations to help you recognize if this program is for you:

  • I change my life with ease;
  • I am who “I am”;
  • I am aligned with my life mission;
  • I am the best of myself;
  • I quickly reach my goals;
  • I live happiness everyday;
  • My dreams come true.

Coaching with results

Quick Progress Package

Option A: $ 1500

Energy support spread over 3 weeks or up to 3 months…

  • According to the theme and a clearly stated goal;
  • According to the rhythm chosen by the consultant.

Option B: $ 3000

Energy support spread over 3 months or up to 6 months…

  • According to the theme and a clearly stated goal;
  • According to the rhythm chosen by the consultant.

VIP day: $ 1500

A dynamic day of light work and interventions focused on your specific needs.

  • Personalized practices and exercises to get you on the path of success (depending on your goal).


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