Aura’s Reading : Formation

Level 1

The Aura’s Reading is a complement to any energy or therapeutic work. With Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairaudiance (hearing) and Clairsentience (smelling), you learn to read, hear and feel the physical body and the subtle bodies. You receive visions, intuitions and information about them. If necessary, an energy intervention or an energetic cure will be practiced. The training is divided into 3 stages: Theoretical course, demonstration and practice with supervision. It is a magical opportunity to demystify psychic faculties and heal the memories of past lives, doubts about psychic abilities and lack of self-confidence. The workshop also promotes energy circulation, harmonization and the unification of being. At level 1, you read the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and astral bodies of the physical world. You also read the spiritual bodies (soul and spirit) and two cosmic bodies for a total of nine bodies.

Level 2

At level 2, you continue reading the bodies from the unification archetype you received at level 1. You read the Supra Cosmic Bodies, the Light Bodies, the Divine Bodies, the Intergalactic Bodies, the Interuniversal Bodies, the Bodies Interatomic, the Avatars Bodies and you complete the reading at the 22nd body, The Source.

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