New stones at the store (sept 2020)

We have new stones and specimens at the store!

Nice selenites, labradorites of all kinds (grade A’s are back), ammonites, citrine clusters, new guests in our crystal skulls collection, and much more!

  • Small, medium and tall selenite pillars
  • Eggs and slices of septaria
  • Pink quartz crystals
  • Merlinite sticks and balls
  • Two vogels light quartz wands
  • Pieces of bismuth
  • Clusters of citrine
  • Double points of pink quartz
  • Grade A Labradorites, in cabochons, as well as balls and specimens
  • Black tourmaline specimens
  • Pairs  of iridescent ammonites
  • Amber
  • Yellow and blue calcite
  • A superb specimen of fluorite

Come and meet the newest skulls are the store!