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Consultations and Treatments

L’Essence-Ciel offers private consultation and treatment sessions to support those on the path of healing and spiritual awakening. Individual care and answers to personal questions are given as well as immediate intervention and teachings related to specific problems as they arise during a session. See the list of Consultations and Treatments for details pertaining to these sessions. Appointments for individual sessions can be set up by calling 819-568-2643

Clarity & Orientation: An Unique Coaching Session

You, Your Life, Your Dreams! This is Your Time... It is now! During this Just for You Unique coaching session with Monique or Nathalie, you...

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Discover your Totem Animals

"Every person has nine animal powers or totemic animals; these represent the Medicine that accompanies each of these people during his journey...

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Purification Ritual with Sage: Smudging with Teaching

Consultation of 30 minutes rate or more + purchase of a sage stick You buy the sage stick that will be blessed...

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Reading of the Merlin’s Quest

Play Merlin Quest (30 to 60 minutes). Make an appointment at 819-568-2643. Reading 4 guides that currently accompany you includes: An angel...

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Reiki Treatment 100$

An active energy treatment and increases the vitality of the physical body. It consists in balancing deeply the body in its entirety....

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Individual Initiation to Reiki

Reiki initiation is offered during a private consultation according to the hourly rate of the consultant. You receive your opening to the...

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Tarot’s Reading

Be happy! Offer yourself a consultation with the Tarot. A break for yourself. ($60 for 30 minutes, $100 for 1 hour, plus...

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Conscious Explorations of Passages: Individual Session

The Samsarah method A method of self-healing body, soul and spirit as you travel through important Passages: Birth, Life, Death and the...

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