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Activities and events

L’Essence-Ciel organises special activities and events that promote sharing and create links within our community. These are developed and chosen in response to the needs expressed by the community of those who are on the path of healing and spiritual awakening. Watch for upcoming events in the News Feather or check the Events Schedule. You can subscribe to our News Feather by contacting us.

Explore your gifts with Tarot: Experiencial Evening

Fore sure, you can welcome and develop your gifts! Go over your Tarot's fears, honor your gifts and your intuition! Learn the...

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Money has a soul: Do you know its mission?

You and the Money Are you in need of money? Do you have just enough of it to pay your bills? Do...

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The Tetrahedral Star of the Essence-Ciel

Pierre Petrin creation for the Pilgrims' Path towards the Essence-Ciel (2016) It is made with copper pipes respecting the angles' degree according...

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Écoutes tes guides

Comment recevoir les messages de tes guides spirituels et comment développer ta relation avec eux. Enseignements : Qui sont ces guides? Comment favorise la...

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Can I be a Medium?

Are you empath or someone with an high sensitivity? Do you suspect having extraordinary gifts and psychic skills? Are you Indigo or...

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