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Exploration of your gifts, adventures and healings, energy alignments.

All you need to live the life of your dreams.

Engage with clarity and assurance on Your Path to Success.

A quick turn of life is possible for you!

Choose and register to an activity : Explore the activities’ list offered below.

It’s a journey filled with magic for You, Your Life, Your Dreams!

Your participation in formation activities at l’Essence-Ciel propels you towards the expression of your full potential.

These experiential activities allow you to get more clarity and confidence. You are supported during your psychic and mediumistic openings while you discover your gifts and your unique abilities.

These personal growth’s activities promote your health at all levels.

Schedule of Events currently offered

Are these spiritual journey programs for you? Do such a journey is for you? Can you get some healings? Check in here!

  • Do you need more energy? Come and increase your energy level.
  • Would you like to explore and develop your unique gifts and abilities? Come and  spread your wings!
  • Do you feel alone? Do you have some difficulties talking about real things with your loved ones? Come and share with your community.
  • Do you know who you really are and what you came to do on this earth? Come and manifest it.
  • Is it possible that you have gifts, that you are a healer, a medium or a smuggler? Your path of success shows you how to create a dream life by sharing your gifts with the world!
  • Are you curious about your previous lives? Would you like to know your soul’s story? Remember who you are!
  • Is spirituality integrated into your everyday life? Come and live it.
  • Is it important for you to take the right decisions and to take the best choices with confidence? You can be centered in your heart and be in your body!
  • Have you lost or given your personal power to others? Take back your personal power!
  • Do you wonder if what you feel, live and perceive is possible? Come and confirm your impressions!
  • Are you intrigued by the invisible worlds and the after life? Are you fascinated by the paranormal? Come and see how natural and real are these worlds and phenomenas.
  • Would you like to be free from the harmful and the undesirable?
  • Learn to recognize and to guide energies!


Deploy your wings, activate all your potential, commit to your path of success!

Your success is important to us. Your life is precious. You are important. We believe that a better world manifests itself one individual at a time.

You receive access to our knowledge during training activities at our formation center and via our online school. We highlight what is hidden / forgotten. Our approaches and methods are developed to simplify, demystify and to make natural the process of opening consciousness to other realities.

All of our activities are developed and offered with love according to the requests and needs of our customers. Our years of experience and sharing our expertise as energy and as artisans of light in the service of the community make our center a respected place. We are proud of our reputation and of the extraordinary results of our participants.

Thank you to everyone!


Goal: To demystify this tool of esoteric knowledge and give a simple access to its use. You will have a better understanding...

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Propulse-toi vers tes rêves – Coaching en ligne

Activité de coaching en ligne avec Monique Briand  Es-tu prêt à manifester tes rêves ? Ton rêve est important!  Fais de ta...

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Explore your gifts with Tarot: Experiencial Evening

Fore sure, you can welcome and develop your gifts! Go over your Tarot's fears, honor your gifts and your intuition! Learn the...

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A Meeting with your Guides: Experiencial Activity: Explore Your Gifts!

Expanding consciousness experience supported by Monique Briand, Visionary Life Coach, Energy Expert, Medium and Clairvoyante Do you have doubts about your psychic...

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Pendulum, tell me your messages

Listen to your intuition In one evening, you learn all of what you need to do your reading with your pendulum! You...

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Ta Mission de Vie: Propulse-toi sur ta voie

C'est pour Toi, ta vie, tes rêves... Viens explorer le sens sacré de ta vie... Enseignements offerts pour être et co-naître ta...

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Écoutes tes guides

Comment recevoir les messages de tes guides spirituels et comment développer ta relation avec eux. Enseignements : Qui sont ces guides? Comment favorise la...

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Can I be a Medium?

Are you empath or someone with an high sensitivity? Do you suspect having extraordinary gifts and psychic skills? Are you Indigo or...

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Atelier Anges

No English content is available for the time being.But : Vous amenez à interagir avec vos anges et vos guides afin de...

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Life Mission : The Shamanic Path : Group Coaching

Who are you? Is it time for you to know? Are you looking for the meaning of your life? Do you need...

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Conscious Explorations of Passages: The Samsarah Method

 Includes the preparatory evening « A Meeting with your Guides » (Worth 250$)  Receive the revelations of your soul; Stimulate and exercise...

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Animal’s Medecine

There are several levels of interaction with the animal wisdom's energy. This wisdom can be a powerful medicine for the person who...

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Reiki Master : Formation

Those who believe that this level amplifies the energy of Reiki are mistaken. Reiki is amplified by practice. In fact, more we...

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21 Days for your Empowerment

Payment method in 3 payments available. Free yourself from harmful and undesirable energies; Increase your energy level; Take back your personal power;...

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Reiki 2 : Formation

Retrieves memories (even those of previous lives) that allow you to see the source of any problem that afflicts you. Explore the...

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