Explore your gifts with Tarot: Experiencial Evening

Fore sure, you can welcome and develop your gifts!

Go over your Tarot’s fears, honor your gifts and your intuition!

Learn the knowledge to get and to communicate your messages! Participate in this exploration activity of the wonderful Tarot’s Worl.

Experiencial Activity:

  • Light work of Centering and Energy Cleaning of the group;
  • Demonstration of readings with randomly selected volunteers;
  • Intention exercises and questions wording;
  • Accessibility to a multitude of tarots that you can use during the evening;
  • Accompaniment in the discovery and exploration of your unique gifts.


  • Encouragment to listen to your intuition;
  • Development of your gifts;
  • Self-consciousness and self-confidence;
  • Gives a light to your journey and shows a direction;
  • Gives a guide in making decisions or choices;
  • Helpful to get answers to your questions;
  • Give a motivation to action and to be the best of yourself;
  • Connection to life.