Creation of your Life Mission Journal

Why create a Life Mission Journal?

In order to exceed the limits of the left brain. Taking stock in writing is a Cartesian method that relieves the tension associated with the left brain, which asks “What is it? When is my life mission? “.

The newspaper is there to help us shed light on the assets and strengths that we have developed during our journey. The answers we are looking for are inside of us. Putting the light on it will help us to reveal them.

Let us be attentive to our vibrations, our feelings and our emotions when we do this exercise.

What to include in our Introspection Journal: Mission of Life

  • Knowledge and experiences useful to our mission;
  • The list of significant events and experiences;
  • The list of places we have visited;
  • The list of knowledge and skills that we have developed.

Let’s think about what we attract

  • Who do we attract?
  • Do we often have to advise, console, help, listen …?
  • In what kind of situations do we find ourselves repeatedly: mourning, abandonment, illness, dependence, organization, teaching, guidance, mediation, messenger, arts…?
  • We attract our souls’ family and the categories of people and situations to which we will be useful.

Let’s think about what revolts us

What revolts us on Earth? What irritates us and weighs on our sensitive button? What are we reacting strongly to?

Abuse of animals, children, pollution, lying, prejudice, racism, misinformation, injustice, war, negativism, overconsumption, insensitivity to nature …

What kinds of injustices cause us a strong emotion to react? If we react in our hearts to situations present on Earth… there is a reason!

Remember our childhood

From our earliest childhood, we manifest the strengths and achievements that contribute to the recognition of our life mission!

Our childhood dreams

What was our dream job when we were children? What did we want to be when we were adults? Who did we want to become? How did we imagine adults? Who did we admire?

Teacher? Doctor? Actor? Firefighter? Artist? Lawyer? Finance? Veterinary? Astronaut?

Our childhood and adolescence activities

Entertainment, games, clubs, sports, jobs, chores, hobbies, interests, types of friends and social activities.

The magic wand / The winning lotto

If we had a magic wand what would we do to help the world, the planet?

The millionaire’s dream: If we had a million, what would we do with it? Would we wave our wand or invest in helping an orphanage? Feed the homeless? Educate / School? Deforestation? Help for ecology? Defense of animals?

Let’s think about what inspires us

Let us approach and observe the people who inspire us, whom we love.

Let’s read the bibliographies of those we admire. Let us ask ourselves the question: “What do I like about this person? ”

His way of communicating? Her care? His gifts? His passions? His projects? His life? His approach to life? His philosophy? Her values? Her personality?

What makes us vibrate in the other? There is a reason !

Let’s go on an adventure / Recover our older memories

Meditation, regression, internal journeys, flash and visions, state of expansion of consciousness, deja-vus, familiarity with places never visited or with people never met before, places that attract us and where we would like to travel or live …

Investigate our memories / Identify our soul family

Let us learn about the souls’ families and be attentive to our vibrations and reactions when we become familiar with them.

Do we know people whose soul family is revealed? If they are close to us, there is surely a reason.