Communication with the Angels

Communication with angels goes through the right brain (dreams, meditation, imagination). We can stimulate the relationship with our angels, they wait for us to invite them.

Invocation: Accompaniment by Angels and Guides

“I am now ready to develop my relationship with the Angels. I am open to receiving their help. I am accompanied by the most appropriate Angels and Guides for the light work of connection with my Angels fulfilling with respect and love for All That Is. Thank you, thank you and thank you! ”

Angels have many ways to communicate with us:

  • Telepathically via our 6th sense or through our extrasensory perceptions (visual, auditory, cognitive, kinesthetic).
  • By the harmonic (ability to be in tune with all that is).
  • Via our intuition (importance of welcoming it).
  • Via our imagination. We underestimate this capacity. What we find there is much more real than what has been instilled in us by our education.
  • By inspirations.
  • Through our emotions, our feelings.
  • By symbolic languages
  • Through coincidences, signs, symbols and synchronicities.
  • By human beings (especially children).
  • Via the internet, books, movies, radio, bulletin boards, billboards, telephone and music.
  • Through living mediums: humans, animals and other elements of nature.
  • Through the mediums and divinatory tools: the games, the tarots and various oracles.

Angels manifest themselves to us in a multitude of ways:

  • By dreams.
  • By our inner vision.
  • Through our hearts hence the importance of being there.
  • During our meditations, our prayers and our rituals.
  • In physical appearance.
  • Via nature: the elements, animals, directions, plants and minerals.
  • Through human beings.
  • Through their divine interventions in our lives.
  • By their inexplicable interventions in a moment of emergency or danger.
  • By the results (beneficial transformations) in our lives as a result of our experiences and requests for help.
  • Through our imagination (much more real than we were led to believe).

Ways to promote contact

Angels live the law of love. It’s a question of vibration. Either we bring them together, or we move them away.

  • We can direct our energies to make choices.
  • Integrate their qualities, their virtues.
  • Listening – receptive.
  • We harmonize – relax – various methods.
  • Slow down, breathe, take the time to live.
  • Prayer, meditations, rituals.
  • Have fun, play, give thanks.
  • Invite them, ask for their help, offer our gratitudes.
  • Put their advices into practice.
  • Create a favorable environment, a sanctuary (relaxing music, bell, exercises, purification, breathing, candles, incense, harmonization of the chakras, visualization, meditations, prayer, listening).

Have fun – Live – Be Love – Joy

How to ask our questions

  • Create openings, avoid emptiness.
  • Be sure you want a contact, guidance.
  • Be ready to act on the guidance otherwise you can create blockages, stand still.
  • If you have any doubts or fears, ask for help to overcome them, to heal.
  • Place yourself in your heart, find your peace.
  • Breathe, ask your question, let go.
  • Know how to be receptive, bring your attention to it.
  • Welcome and thank.
  • Take action!

Some blockages

  • We do not recognize guidance.
  • We are afraid of being controlled, of being punished by God.
  • We believe it’s too good to be true, that we’re hallucinating.
  • We don’t believe we deserve the best, we’re afraid of failure.
  • Our thoughts are full of judgment, lack of forgiveness for ourselves and others.
  • The power of divine love frightens us, we believe that love leads to suffering.
  • We just didn’t ask, the universal law says that the Angels and the Divine intervene if we ask.
  • We do not accept the guidance offered to us because we want a different answer.
  • Our attention is out of focus or we have too many questions at the same time because we are experiencing stress, fatigue, drugs, alcohol or we are too busy to listen.

5 attitudes that promote relationships with angels

  • Open minded and being receptive
  • Ask and you will receive
  • Faith
  • State of gratitude
  • Child’s heart