Animal Wisdom

Animal Wisdom: A Powerful Medicine

Did you know that there are different facets and levels of interaction with the energy of animal wisdom? This wisdom can be a powerful medicine for the person who is interested in it and integrates animal medicine into his daily life.

The first level: the messenger animals

This is the level of communication with animals (our pets and wild animals).

We can learn to communicate with animals and listen to their messages.

We receive messages through an animal which can comes in different ways:

  • Live, physical presence of the animal;
  • By clairvoyance through a dream, a meditation, a vision or a thought;
  • By our cross with the image or the mention of the animal.

Each animal species is a carrier of specific medicine, strengths and challenges that we can recognize by observing their way of life.

We can read about the species and consult dictionaries of guiding animals to understand better the messages that they are trying to tell us.

The learning of this symbolic language is useful, because we receive more easily the messages of our guides and the answers to our questions.

Our interaction with the animal presences around us propels us towards new dimensions of our being. Our lives are becoming more interesting and fun.

The second level: the totem animals

This is the level of the guiding animals. These represent innate aspects of our personality. They allow us to have a better knowledge of oneself and of our strengths. We can identify our personal totem animals and learn how to interact with them to make our lives easier.

Each person has nine totemic natal animals to guide them. The knowledge of these and their area of ​​influence facilitate our lives because they are already integrated in us and they want to be at our service. Our totemic tree consists of one animal for each of the seven directions.

  • Our innate wisdom in the North;
  • The child in itself in the South;
  • In the East is the soul’s essence;
  • In the West is the personal truth;
  • Our Spiritual Guide is Beyond;
  • Our anchorage Bellow;
  • Our personal joy Inside.

In addition, two other animals walk by our side at all times. One is on our right for masculine energy and another on our left for feminine energy.

The third level of interaction: animals of power

This is the level of specialized and more intimate relationships with certain animals that serve as a guide and ally. This relational level supports the shamanic work of healing and guidance. These Guiding Spirits accompany us when we enter into non-ordinary realities, in parallel dimensions and in altered states of consciousness.

Monique Briand, Visionary Life Coach and Light Expert.