Decree: A healthy approach to life, chakra by chakra

I join Mother Earth and say YES to Life!

♥ I create my life in the image of who I AM. I free myself from feelings of guilt and betrayal, I forgive.

♥ My emotions are my guides that I respect and that I honor. I take a positive attitude. I choose compassion.

♥ I remember who I AM. I choose Love. FAREWELL fears!

♥ I set goals and choose my activities according to my truth. I recognize my sensitivity and my multidimensionality. I encourage their deployment.

♥ I develop my extra-sensory perceptions. They are reliable and natural. They help me make informed choices. I discern true from false and act wisely.

♥ I am a spiritual being. I am here to love. I feel a deep gratitude for this LIFE that I have chosen and for all the elements that contribute to allow Its manifestation. I imbue Love and gratitude with all my gestures and all my activities.

♥ I share this love with everyone around me.

♥ My life is an offering. Thanks to LIFE.

Monique Briand