Energetic Wands


For a practice filled with benefits, light, magic and love.

Energetic wands have long been used by healers around the world to guide energy. Many believe they have been used by the Atlantis healers. It is even possible that you have access to these memories. Energetic wands are powerful energy boosters and can be programmed to either draw off or emit energy.

Nowadays, wands are used for various energy treatments:

  • To support healing;
  • To perform an energy cleaning;
  • To strengthen programming, intentions and decrees;
  • For the activation of an energy grid.

They accompany during:

  • A meditation;
  • A creative process;
  • A prayer.

They can even facilitate our communications with other worlds.

Usualy, the wand stores and guide the energy. Its elongated, cylindrical shape allows the stone or the crystal to guide its healing energy in a straight line. The tip of the wand is used to direct the energy of the crystal to a specific location such as a specific point on the body.

Choose a wand

At Essence-Ciel, you can choose from a magnificent selection of wands. Since they are made or adorned with a wide variety of stones and crystals, you could choose a stone wand with properties that reflect your intent. The stones each have unique properties that allow different beneficial effects on the body, the aura and the chakras. It is therefore desirable to learn more about the different stones and their properties. Check out our stone list with their properties. Some wands are made of several overlapping stones, while others are made with a single stone. It is interesting to create a collection of various stone wands that support us according to our intentions and specific needs.

How to use the wand

The wand can be used as a support for healing the body and the aura. It can be used on a specific area of ​​the body or on a particular chakra. It is used to sweep the aura and chakras to locate blockages and clean them. The tip of the wand is used in reflexology, a method that involves placing the tip of the rod on specific pressure points. To release tensions, it is possible to massage the body with a round-tipped wand.

When working with a wand, follow your inspirations. Trust yourself. Intuition is a psychic faculty that develops. Before you begin, you can practice a ritual of consecration of your tool, your wand, or just to start with your wand, you can program your intention. For example, if your intention is to help the healing process, you can hold your wand with your left hand and stay focused on that thought. So, you activate it. You can then start the treatment. There is no specific method to use, but here is a track to follow. Much of the energy work is done using your intuition. You are encouraged to listen to it! The vibration of the stone will speak to you. Using the wand, continue to focus on your intent and visualize the energy that creates the freeing blockage. You can then plan to incorporate positive positive energy, which you will have previously established. Keep this intention and also make a visualization, if you wish. The more you use your wand and gain experience, the more you will develop your intuition and your own methodology. Be like a child, you have a magic wand!

Remember that crystals and stones enjoy being cleaned and energized after each use. There are different methods to do it. To clean your wand, you can pass it over burning incense, soak it in water for 24 hours or place it alongside a selenite stone. To energize your wand, you can place it in the sun or full moon. Taking care of your harmonization tools is a great way to express your gratitude.

We wish you a practice filled with benefits, light, magic and love.