Be Energized: Sun, Water and Dandelion

Tired? Drained? In lack of energy?

Did you know that your solar plexus can become engorged by the environment’s energies and your surroundings?

Digestion complicated? Unexplained stomach ache?

Did you know that your body reacts and sends you signals through your digestive system?

It’s easy to fix: Let’s take Air and Sun!

Let’s radiate our solar plexus:
Let’s walk by the water and sip an excellent elixir made from dandelion roots!

Dandelion: An ally for cleaning our liver and maintaining our digestive health.

I have the pleasure of sipping a delicious hot beverage that offers the many benefits of dandelion root. It strengthens the immune system, helps maintain the balance of our sugar levels, soothes heartburn and supports the entire digestive system.

This beverage is an excellent substitute for coffee because its smell and taste are very similar.

PS: Although dandelion is beneficial, anyone allergic to Ambrosia, pregnant or nursing may also be sensitive to dandelion and should avoid it. If you are taking prescription drugs or if you are unsure of your health situation, it is best to check with your health care professional before introducing this beverage into your routine.

Let’s increase our energy rate:
Let’s look at our physical health and our energy health.

Your solar plexus can become a center of retention for your repressed emotions and absorb the emotional energies of the people you frequent.

Your solar plexus can be weakened and you can develop disorders related to the digestive system. Your solar plexus needs to be cleaned once in a while.

The streams and the sun in “LIVE” are ideal places for the purification and fortification of your solar plexus.

New’Ailes Habits of Healthy Life:
It’s a quick method to multiply the benefits of an outdoor walk!

  • Go outside! Take Air and Sun!
  • Walk on the edge of the water. My favorite walking spots in the city is the Jacques Cartier street
  • Parkway and Lemay Lake. Greet me if we meet!
  • Ask the water to welcome and transform, for the best of all, the energies that you release from your solar plexus while you walk (See the video for a visual of the exercise).
  • Once your Solar Plexus released, inspires from the front of it particles from the rays of the Sun and expires from the back of it. Then, inspire Rays of the Sun by the back of this one and expire by the front of this one.
  • Practice this exercise as many times as you want. No harmful side effects except the inquisitive eyes of other passers-by. ?
  • When you return from your outdoor excursion, prepare a dandelion drink and enjoy sipping it.
  • Think of all the benefits you offer to your body.
  • Congratulations, you have refueled! Rejoice and enjoy those moments just for you.