Are you well« grounded »?

Have you ever been told that you needed to “ground yourself,” that you were floating… or that you were somewhere else or not here?

At the time, before I understood my mediumship and my clairvoyance, I didn’t really know what that meant. I often heard that I needed to ground myself. Many of the books I did read and training I attended emphasized the importance of rooting.

Here, I share with you what it means to be well grounded and how to do it quite naturally. So you can quickly improve your quality of life.

See here how to recognize a gounding difficulty

Tree roots are often used as an example and as a method in rooting visualizations. These exercises are certainly beneficial in promoting anchoring. During these guided visualization exercises, we feel good and we have experiences that motivate us to be better grounded. However, this kind of practice improves rooting only for the duration of the meditation period. Sustainable rooting requires more than just visualizing where we have roots like a tree.

Being an adventurous person who likes action and movement, I experienced certain resistances and a lot of difficulties to imagine myself firmly anchored in one place! “I am not a tree myself…” In addition, I am not visual. You too can think “I’m not a tree…” and find it difficult to imagine yourself with roots. After all, we are not trees!

Fortunately, having good roots does not create any constraints for our movement. The deep roots connect us with our source of physical life and facilitate the concrete manifestation of our dreams! It fosters action around the world. The tree, on the other hand, is a powerful symbol of a form of life that draws heavily and deeply from the earth’s source through its roots and from the heavenly source through its foliage. The deeper the tree takes root, the more it has strength and the more it grows to reach the sky.

Like the Tree, more we take root, more we develop a presence in life, more energy we have to reach our full potential and manifest our dreams.

Did you know that to have a better connection with your soul and your divine plan, you need to be well rooted? Energetically, more you root, more your coronal chakra flourishes and more your third eye activates!

So how do you get better grounded?

From an energy point of view, we strengthen the base chakra and the sacred chakra in order to promote better rooting. You can learn how to do it. You can learn more about your chakras and how to strengthen them.

How to have a lasting rooting?

What I perceive is that those who do what they love and who love what they do have a better rooting and a better connection with their soul!

What causes the lack of lasting roots is the lack of love and the disconnection of the soul. We need to speak our truth and follow our personal path to help our soul flourish.

It is so important and vital that everyone gets to know themselves with their strengths and weaknesses, with their personal legend beyond this life, because this is what serves as a guide to determine their path. When we are on our Way, our life is filled with Love, because we are active in doing what we love and we are surrounded by good people.

Do what you love, do what it takes to find out!
Put Love in everything you do.
Love what you do and choose your activities and your associates.

  • Do what you love, do what it takes to find out!
  • Put Love in everything you do.
  • Love what you do and choose your activities and your associates.

So, what do you choose for yourself?

Well rooted: Joy of life, peace, ease, stability, security, vitality, passion, balance of male and female energy, earthly connection, fertility, creativity, intuition, adaptability, sensuality, pleasure, magnetism and radiation.

Lack of roots: Fatigue, stress, anxiety, doubts, insecurities, financial difficulties, fears, phobias, addictions, instability, loneliness, betrayal, guilt, isolation, helplessness, tension, difficulty letting go.