Prayer: To Get the Courage to follow our Mission of Life

Dear Archangel Michael, I invoke you, hear this prayer that comes from my heart.

I ask to be aware of my life mission and to be aligned with it.

I ask for your assistance in order to dispel all fears that dwell in my mind or in my heart and that prevent me from making the changes that are necessary in my life.

  • Please help me to feel secure and financially secure.
  • Please help me to move forward with confidence and with unwavering faith in God and his support.
  • Please help me to ree myself from everything that goes against the fulfillment of my life mission.

I now give my fears and worries to God.

I now offer all my gratitude to God.

Help me now to believe and to open my heart to love and blessings so I can, me too, offer this love and blessings to all.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!