Purification & Reprogramming: The Heart Chakra

Use this technique with any other method you believe appropriate: Reiki, quick eye movement, tapping …

Place your wrist on the heart chakra

And while practicing a counter-clockwise rotation, release the energy that blocks the chakra by unwinding it, undoing it.

Heart Chakra

Start the release from the following

  • My heart is broken
  • I am sad
  • I am alone
  • I am filled with sorrow and pain
  • I am filled with loneliness
  • I am disappointed in love
  • I am rejected
  • I’m scared
  • I have trouble forgiving
  • I am emotionally weak
  • I am losing energy
  • There is no love in my life
  • There is no love for me
  • I do not know how to love myself
  • I do not know what true love is
  • I attract people who hurt me

Keep freeing each of your cells

  • I am disappointed in love
  • I am hopeless
  • I’m afraid of love
  • I know that love is painful and causes pain
  • My relationships are painful
  • I cannot commit
  • I must be weak in order to be loved
  • People are mean to me
  • I feel a lack of support
  • I am envious / envious
  • I am jealous / jealous
  • I must be someone else than myself
  • I have heart problems
  • God does not love me
  • I’m offline
  • I have trouble accepting me
  • I’m stuck in my left brain

Once and for all, let it go

  • The pain is too deep
  • I cannot let go
  • I have to hide myself
  • I put walls
  • I do not know my feelings
  • I do not feel anything anymore
  • I need the pain
  • I need to feel bad about myself
  • Nobody could love me
  • No one wants me
  • My heart hurts
  • I do not want people to touch me
  • I am alone and I have a strong desire for love and affection
  • I live lonely

Let it all go, finally, free yourself

  • I never have what I want
  • I do not have anyone to love me
  • When will I be special?
  • When will I be loved?
  • When will I worth it?
  • When will I have value?
  • Others ignore my needs and feelings
  • I am stuck with my emotions
  • I am caught in my victim energies
  • I’m afraid of freeing myself
  • I will only continue to be disappointed again and again…

I release all this at all levels, from all chakras, from all energy centers
I release everything completely.

You now change the direction of rotation of your wrist, so you now turn clockwise to add, insert what is appropriate for the chakra.
Now, I fill this space with energies that are favorable to me.

Thanks my God

  • I am loved simply because I was born
  • I am pretty
  • My sensitivity is protected
  • I like
  • I am free from the wounds of the past
  • My heart is healed
  • I am whole and healed
  • I am safe
  • I am free to love and free to be loved
  • I forgive
  • I choose joy
  • I’m worth it, I have a value

Thanks my God

  • I am safe with my sensitivity and I allow myself to feel all my emotions
  • I satisfy all the desires of my heart
  • I am compassionate
  • My heart chakra is healed and it radiates
  • I love you
  • I am tenderness and sweetness
  • I am true
  • My emotions are safe
  • I feel all my emotions
  • I am aware of my deep truth
  • I am joy

My heart chakra is open, I welcome, I receive

  • I am balanced and serene
  • I live fully my life
  • I am at peace
  • I am free from the past
  • I move forward with confidence
  • I accept
  • I allow
  • I understand
  • I can love without danger
  • I create relationships full of love and support
  • I can safely engage
  • I am strong and I am loved
  • I can be intimate without danger
  • I can be true and myself
  • I forgive myself and I forgive others
  • I am what I think I am

Keep inspiring positive energy in all your cells, activating more truth and light in your chakra. This chakra is released purified and energized.

Now, pronounce

“I feel gratitude now that this chakra is purified, liberated and harmonized allowing the creation of a better life.

I am free and autonomous. I am love, peace, joy and light. Life is abundant and I am connected to the Source, to all that is. I like, I love, I love and I am very, very loved!

From now on, I will be able to practice with ease and simplicity the purifications, releases and reprogramming when I will feel the need.”