Purification & Reprogramming: The Root Chakra

Use this technique with any other method you believe appropriate: Reiki, quick eye movement, tapping…

Place your wrist on the Root Chakra

And while practicing a counter-clockwise rotation, release the energy that blocks the chakra by unwinding it, undoing it.

Root Chakra

Start the release from the following

  • All the patterns of DNA that keep me in the family dysfunction
  • Feeling stuck, being caught
  • The loss of my physical power
  • All feelings of degradation
  • My expectation of being criticized by others
  • The lack of family rapprochement
  • My fear of not being able to survive
  • The feeling that this family is not mine

From every cell of my body, I continue to release

  • I will never be able to move forward
  • I’m not supposed to be here
  • I will never be able to heal and be well
  • I must remain separate from others
  • I am numb
  • I am closed
  • I finish my relationship to avoid being left behind
  • I do not deserve anything
  • I am ugly, fat, short, inadequate
  • My body is not correct
  • Everyone in my family has health and weight problems
  • I’m just getting from one payroll to another
  • There is never enough money

I release from my first chakra

  • The power of others is a threat to me
  • My power threatens others
  • I have no power, I give my power to others
  • My sexuality is repressed
  • My sexuality is poorly expressed
  • I feel guilty when I think about myself first
  • I am a victim
  • I feel betrayed
  • My family is not good enough
  • I feel judged by my family
  • I am not chosen
  • I am not wanted
  • I release all this at all levels, from all chakras, from all energy centers
  • I release everything completely

I release all this at all levels, from all chakras, from all energy centers. I release everything completely.

You now change the direction of rotation of your wrist, so you now turn clockwise to add, insert what is appropriate for the chakra.
Now, I fill this space with energies that are favorable to me.

Thanks my God

  • I am guided and inspired
  • I am valuable, I’m good enough
  • I am chosen, I count for something
  • I can create differently from my family
  • I am royal
  • I am a gift from God for this world, I am free to love
  • I like, I like what I do, I like the people around me
  • I am safe and I am confident
  • I am rich in every aspect of my life
  • Life flows smoothly and easily for me
  • I am in good health
  • I am prosperous
  • I am committed and powerful
  • I am connected and connected to everything that is
  • I am real
  • We can all be powerful safely
  • I am one with God
  • I receive my personal power
  • I start and complete my projects with ease
  • My DNA is free from any pattern that would have prevented me from moving forward, progressing and evolving

Thanks my God

  • I am me, I am my true identity, I am true
  • I contribute to a united, loving and peaceful family life
  • Life loves me and I love being here, I contribute with love to life, everything I do, I do it with love
  • I can be safe as I am
  • I am safe in my relationships
  • I create healthy relationships

Thanks my God

  • I am wanted, I am chosen
  • I receive the best of everything now
  • I am rich in every aspect of my life
  • I am recognized for all the good that I do
  • I am welcome here
  • I experience paradise in me and a connection with God
  • I am anchored in the light

Keep inspiring positive energy in all your cells, activating more truth and light in your root chakra. This chakra is released purified and energized.

Now, pronounce

“I feel gratitude now that this chakra is purified, liberated and harmonized allowing the creation of a better life.

I am free and autonomous. I am love, peace, joy and light. Life is abundant and I am connected to the Source, to all that is. I like, I like, I love and I am very, very loved.

From now on, I will be able to practice purifications, releases and reprogramming with ease and simplicity as and when I feel the need. “