This 2nd of February, let’s make Abundance for the year!

Abundance : Buy your salt February 2nd at Essence-Ciel! ⛰️

There is a tradition to ensure abundance for the coming year: just buy salt during Candlemas Day and Groundhog Day on February 2nd. In the Essence-Ciel, we prepared your salt by purifying it with sage and placing it in a pyramid to amplify the intention. Here is the prayer recited:

May the blessings of the angels of abundance be poured on this salt as well as on those who will make use of it.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

You can place this salt in the four corners of the house and / or place it in the Feng-Shui Abundance space of the house at the rear left.

You can also put some in your bath while you meditate on your intention. This salt can be used throughout the year. What matters is that the purchase transaction is made on February 2nd.

Watch the ceremony conducted by Monique (tour in 2017)!