Ceremony: Consecration of a Tool of Power

This is an example of a ritual that can be adapted according to the tool to be blessed and activated.

Use the elements that suit you.

This ritual can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish.

Purpose of the Ceremony

Establish a healthy relationship, connect with the oracle / therapeutic tool / power object, honor our medicine bowl / pyramid and clarify our intentions. Activate the tool in its role of power.

This ceremony can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. What is important is that your intentions in regard to your medicine bowl / wish pyramid are clear so they are activated and oriented according to your intentions.

Tools and objects used during the ceremony (some suggestions)

  • Centering decree;
  • Energy cleaning ritual with Merkaba;
  • Sage purification ritual;
  • The oracle / therapeutic tool / power object (medicine bowl / wish pyramid);
  • A sacred place (altar, meditation room, medicine wheel or sacred place);
  • A tablecloth or carpet (optional);
  • Sage and container;
  • Feather duster;
  • Incense according to your choice (for example: myrrh and frankincense are popular);
  • Charcoal for grain incense;
  • Matches / lighter;
  • Bowl of holy water;
  • Ceremonial cup (optional) for the water you drink;
  • Semi-precious stones, salt, sand or potting soil;
  • Candles;
  • All symbolic objects or representative objects of the guides that you choose;
  • Ceremonial jacket (optional);
  • Your clearly stated intention (written or verbal);
  • Prayers and gratitudes;
  • Offerings (herbs, incense, flowers, precious stones, shells, etc.).

List of guests (some suggestions)

  • The spirit of the four directions (North, South, East and West);
  • Heavenly (Chi-cosmic) Energy Source, God, Universal Energy;
  • Earth energy (Chi-Earth) Gaia, Mother Earth, Nature Spirits;
  • The Heart’s energy (Unconditional Love);
  • The spirit of the four elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water);
  • The spirit of the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms (The Devas);
  • The spirit of space and time;
  • The spirit of truth and clarity;
  • Willingness;
  • The spirit of physical perceptions and extra-sensory perceptions;
  • The conscious, subconscious and superconscious planes;
  • The archetypes of the major mysteries of the tarot (symbol of the spiritual journey of the human being);
  • Your inner shaman;
  • Your Angels and your Guides;
  • You, all aspects of your being (body, soul and spirit);
  • Any other presence you deem appropriate;
  • The Spirit of the materials that make up the tool.

Preparation for the Ceremony

  • Determine the best time for your ceremony;
    • Astrological influences, lunar cycles, etc .;
    • Auspicious time without interruption (children, cell phones, etc.);
  • Gather your tools and your objects;
  • Prepare your decrees and prayers. You can use those from the Essence-Ciel Portal as an example and customize them according to your preferences or you can create your own decrees. If you need written materials, bring your documents;
  • Wear your chosen garment if applicable;
  • Meet at your designated place for the ceremony;
  • Do your centering and your energy cleaning (see the centering decree, the purification ritual with sage and the energy cleaning ritual with Merkaba);
  • Make the energy cleaning of your place of consecration and of your tools and install your objects according to your preferences;
  • Make sure you have a burning candle and a burning incense.

Different uses that can be attributed to your wish bowl / medicine pyramid

  • Connection with guides and terrestrial / celestial energies;
  • Amplification of terrestrial / celestial energies;
  • Purification, transmutation and activation;
  • Protection of what is there;
  • Support for personal spiritual development and development;
  • Initiatory courses, energetic and therapeutic work, cures;
  • Help with the role of consultant, guide and guide for others.


  1. Center yourself;
  2. Make your connection with the cosmic chi and with the terrestrial chi (Vertical connection);
  3. Call on your guides by inviting them to join you for the ceremony.
  4. Honor all your Guides by greeting them
  5. Face North then greet the 4 directions (North, South, East and West), turning to each of them;
  6. Greet the beyond, the bellow and the inside (the Heart);
  7. Stand in front of your symbolic objects.
  8. Place your hands on or above and convey your gratitude. Take your object in your hands and carry it to your heart. Breathe in and out consciously;
  9. Pass your Object over the candle flame and pronounce the decree: I consecrate you with the element Fire;
  10. Pass your Object over the smoke of the incense and pronounce the decree: I consecrate you with the element Air;
  11. Put your object on the earth, place small stones on it and pronounce the decree: I dedicate you with the element Earth;
  12. Sprinkle your Object with a few drops of water that you have previously blessed and pronounce the decree: I consecrate you with the element Water;
  13. Take your Object between your two hands, raise it to the sky, then bring it back to your heart;
  14. Recite your consecration decree for your medicine bowl / wish pyramid (see the consecration decree for a therapeutic / shamanic tool);
  15. Request that your Item be activated for work with you for the best of all;
  16. Visualize yourself while using your tool;
    When you are finished, thank the guides (see the decree of thanks to angels and guides);
  17. Pick up your items and close your sacred place;
  18. Leave the heart full of gratitude and love;
    Carefully store your Wish Bowl / Pyramid.

You are now ready to make good use of your Medicine Bowl / Wish Pyramid, a companion on the path to evolution.

Have a good journey!