21 Days for your Empowerment

Payment method in 3 payments available.

  • Free yourself from harmful and undesirable energies;
  • Increase your energy level;
  • Take back your personal power;
  • Make your decisions with confidence;
  • See clearly without interference;
  • Commit yourself with confidence on Your Way;
  • Be attentive to your intuition.

Master your personal power!

It’s time to live your dream life. This is your life, this is your time!

Group coaching with Monique or Nathalie.

A teaching that offers everything you need for your success and this is good for life!

  1. Teachings spread over 3 meetings with some time for integration and practice between them;
  2. Continuous energy support during the course;
  3. Access to your private area in our online school:
    • To establish a communication if necessary and ask your questions;
    • To access your documents and session records.
  4. Become a member of our private Facebook group “Ta Quête Initiatique”. It is a space reserved exclusively for the Essence-Ciel students who share with each other. Meet people who, like you, are on their way to the best of themselves. It’s your community.


This is a journey for your success. Because of your commitment, your participation and your practice, you receive a privileged energy support, unique and personalized!

We accept only serious participants for this activity. These are the ones who are sufficiently committed to their path of success. This is to maintain the exceptional success rate of participants in this activity.

It’s time for you to regain your personal power

  • If you are tired to suffer from the undesirable influences of your surroundings;
  • If you’re tired of running out of energy;
  • If you want to take your place with confidence;
  • If you want to be yourself;
  • If you have important decisions to take and you want to be able to make the best decisions for yourself.

Benefits provided

  • You are filled with energy. You are connected with an inexhaustible source of energy: your heavenly source and your earthly source;
  • You live the present moment. You are free from illusory fears associated with past experiences or projections of future possibilities;
  • You see clearly. You can make your decisions and make your choices according to your truth, the one of your heart;
  • You feel a deep peace. Your pace of life adjusts and becomes more natural;
  • You have a better knowledge of Self. You recognize your real needs;
  • You regain autonomy. You leave the zone of influence of the collective consciousness. This allows you to be free of unwanted and sometimes even unknown influences;
  • You are connected at your heart. You radiate love and the joy of living;
  • You are bound to All That Is. Your intuition can guide you and you have access to the knowledge you need when you need it.

Suggestion before registering

  1. Attend the “Clarity & Group Orientation” activity.
  2. Or meet a counselor to make sure that you are ready for this activity and that it is right for you.

You can be in peace and see clearly. You can create your dream life. You can live your passions!

Significantly improves the energies around you: use these techniques for yourself, others and places you frequent. The focus and energy cleaning methods that you master during the “21 Days for your Empowerment” course allow you to be fulfilled, conscious and autonomous.

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