How to Understand Subtle Energies

It is possible for us to see and understand the subtle energies. To do this, we stimulate lesser-known dimensions of the Being and invoke our Creative Power. When we use the appropriate representative structures that expose a “concrete” vision of energies, this allows us to understand them. These are an example of representative structures: chakras, energetic bodies, aura, meridians, etc.

We can be Master of our life. The understanding of subtle energies gives us the power to see and guide the invisible energies favorably.

Understanding subtle energies and energy structures promotes healing because we are able to:

  • Make connections between physical symptoms and the challenges of life;
  • Identify the origin of our illnesses and discomforts in our subtle bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual);
  • Act / intervene quickly.

When we understand and perceive the subtle energies, we can stop being victims, to suffer from our accidents, from our diseases or any undesirable life situations. It becomes possible to cross our trials with more serenity.

We can choose to be free from the influences (of individuals, organizations, systems) that subject us to an agenda that goes against what is best for us.

We can become aware of what our Mission of Life is. Our memories are clearer.

By agreeing to see what is invisible to the naked eye, we have the opportunity to create our dream life!