Ritual: Purification and Activation of a Stone

Steps for the purification and activation of a stone

  1. We take the time to focus on the heart (see “Centering” decree).
  2. Use the purification method right for you (See the article “When and how to clean / purify stones“).
  3. We focus on our pre-established intention. For example, “Establish my relationship or activate the properties of my stone”.
  4. We hold the stone in our left hand or we put our left hand on the stone and we decree:
  5. Activation of a stone decree (example): “Thank you to you for sending and amplifying the energies that encourage ____________. Thank you for your support in this intention. “
  6. We focus on the level of the heart and we feel the gratitude for this union with the stone. For example: “I am open and ready to receive help. “
  7. We feel gratitude for our connection with the stone and we feel some respect for its presence. We thank the stone for its support in relation to our intention.