Why and how to clean and purify stones?

The stones store information, vibrate at a slower and denser frequency than the human physical body and they protect us (See the training “The Magic of Stones“).

Why clean / purify the stones?

  • In order to release the less desirable energies which could be found there;
  • To eliminate previous programming;
  • To restore the stone to its original vibrations.

When to clean the stones?

  • After their purchase for example;
  • Before programming them;
  • If you often wear a stone on a daily basis;
  • After specific use or if someone other than yourself is handling them;
  • When you feel that the effects are less felt or that you feel the stone “drained”.

Some purification methods

  • Place the stone in the sun or under the rays of the moon;
  • Use sage or incense;
  • Place the stone in a stream;
  • Use a selenite stone;
  • Bury the stone (earth);
  • Through a ceremony.