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The Violet Flame

Message of the Violet Flame
I am the Purple Flame that purifies and helps transmute all things, all beings, all lives and all dimensions. Thank you for allowing me to do so much for your planet. Allow me to offer you this gift of Life. My radiation accompanies you, my heat invades you. My flame stimulates you, you unify, reactivates you. Take the time to breathe my Violet Light. Let yourself go! Let it go! I carry you on the sparks of Time and Space. Thank you for letting the message flow through all the pores of your physical fibers. Go in peace! You are in harmony with yourself and with your fears. Your requests are heard. Farewell! And thank you!

Text channeled by Nathalie Massicotte 2014-09-15

The use of the Violet Flame is a teaching of the Saint-Germain master.
It is a very powerful form of spiritual alchemy that allows you to transmute the parts of your being able to reach your full potential. You can put into it your fears, your doubts, your weaknesses and your difficulties. It is important to use the flame because of its dimensions. Just fix the flame and ask it to transmute the problem. Define the problem and let the process unfold. Be in gratitude.

You can use a piece of amethyst as a concrete support to represent your purple flame. You can also see the flame.

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