Pendulum, tell me your messages

Listen to your intuition

In one evening, you learn all of what you need to do your reading with your pendulum!

  • You also receive your messages with your pendulum;
  • You find answers to your questions about your relationships, about the professional field, about business, etc.
  • You open your psychic consciousness and discover the subtle energies;
  • You develop your gifts and your psychic skills;
  • You are able to use your pendulum at any time;
  • Carry your pocket-guide wherever you go;
  • This training allows you to increase your level of confidence and your intuition.

Teachings offered:

  • Why and when to use a pendulum;
  • How to choose a pendulum;
  • Dowsing: How it works;
  • How to use a pendulum: A simplified approach;
  • How to take care of your pendulum.


  • Choosing a pendulum and exercices in using it;
  • Light work;
  • Grounding and group’s energy;
  • Consecration of your pendulum.

Benefits provided:

  • Supports the development of intuition and strengthens it;
  • Stimulates mediumship and our creative power;
  • Allow to increase the level of self-confidence;
  • Way to receive answers to our questions;
  • Useful for readings, verifications, harmonizations and corrections of energies;
  • Encourages the right wording of intentions;
  • Practice our skill in clairvoyance;
  • Facilitates access to knowledge of the subconscious and of the superconscious.

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