Clarity & Orientation: An Unique Coaching Session

You, Your Life, Your Dreams!
This is Your Time… It is now!

During this Just for You Unique coaching session with Monique or Nathalie, you benefit from the orientation that finally brings clarity about  You, Your, Life, Your Dreams and your engagement on Your Success Path.

This Unique Coaching experience includes :
  • Pre-session activities
  • The Unique Clarity and Orientation Coaching Session
  • The post session follow up material
  • Access to your private space within our online school


The pre-session activities:
  • The Clarity and Orientation Form that you fill in and submit at least 48 hours before your session. This helps you get clear on your intention for this important session. Your answers help us know you  better and prepare for the session.  We  are able to ensure you get the most out of this meeting.
  • To help you gain clarity and momentum as you prepare for this important session, we offer distant energy work to those who want and need it. It is to center you and clear undesirable energy that may be disrupting your energy level. This energy support begins as soon as you book and pay for your session. That is the reason why this session must be paid for in advance. We will connect energetically prior to the meeting. We will be establishing contact with you and your guides at soul level.
  • You receive your access to our online school. You are then able to communicate with us through this private client portal when you have questions related to your coaching experience. It is also in this space that you will gain access to the Clarity and Orientation form you need to fill out before the session.


The Unique Clarity and Orientation Coaching Session
  • Your one hour meeting with your coach at the designated time. In person or online video call via Zoom
  • During this meeting you are accompanied by your angels and guides who are assisting us.
  • The energy work:

-Centering and energy clearing

-Your clairvoyant energy assessment

-The energy corrections and interventions with corresponding explanations and teachings.

  • The review of your Clarity and Orientation Assessment form with the intent to go deeper and probe into what is appropriate. This allows you to see your situation with greater clarity and resolve issues that are exhausting you.
  • Suggestions for your orientation in alignment with what is currently most important to you and your path.


Follow up activities :
  • You can ask you relevant questions, at all times, via your private client portal space in our online school.
  • Through this same portal we give you access to any of the documents you may need for support on your path, as revealed during your session.

Schedule your special appointment as soon as possible. There is limited availability for these exclusive sessions. 

These sessions must be paid for in advance. Your apointment is confirmed once it is paid.

You will be asked to fill a preparation form and return it to us at least 48 hours before your session. This ensures that you get the most value from your experience.

Your appointment is important:
  • When you have an unexpected or unforseen circumstance and need to reschedule you must give us 24 hours notice.  Due to the extensive nature of the pre-session energy work we hope you understand that this session is not refundable.                                                                                         

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