How to use an Angelique Oracle?

Before your reading

Imagine an atmosphere suitable to the exercise. You can create your own ritual (candles, incense, meditations, rules, etc.)

Count the cards to make sure the oracle is complete.

Imbue your cards with your energies by shuffling them and pressing them against each other.

Thus, you magnetize and enter into relation with each of the cards.

Ask your question clearly and in a way that allows the oracle to answer it.

Choose or create a gap appropriate to the type of questioning (the gap is the structure inside which the cards are placed).

Choose a map for each gap position.

During the reading

Interpret the messages you receive from images and keywords. For more inspiration, you can consult the explanatory booklet that accompanies the oracle.

Establish the links between the various cards, their position and your question.

Listen to the advice and inspiration received.

After reading

Take note of what you saw in a journal.

Thank the universe and / or your guides for the messages.

Finally, be proactive! Act on the messages received.