A look to the Archangels’ Wings to reach our Rainbow State!

Did you know…

…that archangels transmit teachings that encourage us to reach a radiant rainbow state?

Do you know their simple, effective and accessible approach which is the harmonization of the seven main chakras?

Like a crystal crossed by sunlight reflecting several rainbows, the chakras, when harmonized, allow the light of the Higher Being to cross us. This is how we find our rainbow state and access the higher dimensions of our being. An archangel is associated with a chakra, but all are interdependent. It is a pleasure for them to accompany us and guide us in our discoveries and life experiences. Each archangel infuses with his ray the chakra of which he is the master.

The base chakra, also known as the root chakra, is represented by the archangel Uriel, the red and the musical note “do”. Uriel encourages us to develop our relationship with Mother Earth and to say “yes” to Life! The secret of rooting is very simple. We have remember about our source. We are love. Let’s not look for love anymore. Let’s be love. Living with love creates a continuous rooting. This rooting allows Mother Earth to provide for all our needs. From then on, we live with great ease.

The sacred chakra, also called hara, is represented by the archangel Sandalphon, the orange and the musical note “ré”. Sandalphon encourages us to develop our creative power and use that strength so that our lives are like how “I Am”. He advises us to let go of our feelings of guilt and betrayal. His teachings help us understand the distant source of these feelings and welcome the growing energy of forgiveness. By renewing our relationship with Gaia, we are strengthening our intuitive capabilities.

The solar plexus, or umbilical chakra, is represented by the archangel Gabriel, the yellow and the musical note “mi”. Gabriel reminds us that our emotions are guides to respect and honor. He suggests that we adopt a positive attitude and choose compassion. This center is the seat of our personal power and is also a portal to the astral world. Several energies that interfere unhealthily and manipulate us invade this world. Faithful, Gabriel stays by our side and protects us by surrounding us with the light and compassion necessary to cross this area.

The heart chakra is represented by the archangel Raphael, the green and the musical note “fa”. Raphael asks us to remember our “I Am”. Let’s choose love. He explains that it is our fears that oppose love and control our lives. He advises us to put our fears to God. GOODYE fear! WELCOME Love!

The chakra of the throat, or the laryngeal chakra, is represented by the Archangel Michael, the sky blue and the musical note “sol”. Michael encourages us to set goals and choose our activities according to our personal truth. This state of authenticity is fostered by a better knowledge of oneself, of our strengths and of our life mission. With his protection, Michael suggests that we welcome our sensitivity and deploy our multidimensional faculties.

The chakra of the third eye, or that of the sixth sense, is represented by the archangel Melchizedek, the indigo blue and the musical note “la”. With Melchizedek the lifting of the veil is accomplished. We develop our extrasensory perceptions. They are reliable and natural. They help us to make informed choices, to discern true from false and to act wisely.

The coronal chakra is represented by the archangel Metatron, the purple and the musical note “si”. Metatron reminds us that we are spiritual beings here to love. It helps us to feel deep gratitude for this Life we ​​have chosen and for all the elements that help to make the manifestation possible. Metatron reminds us that a spiritual being is one who imbues all its actions and activties with love and gratitude and the one who shares this love with all those he meets in his path. Spirituality is simply about living your life with love.

We are going through a hectic era and we will meet the challenges that come with it.

United with ourselves, united among us, united with all the beings who guide us, we create a better world.