Conscious Explorations of Passages: The Samsarah Method

 Includes the preparatory evening « A Meeting with your Guides » (Worth 250$) 

  • Receive the revelations of your soul;
  • Stimulate and exercise your clairvoyance;
  • Discover your unique gifts and abilities;
  • Heal your inside wounds;
  • Remember who you are.

Participate in the Conscious Explorations of Passages: the Samsarah Method.

Activate your old memories, the memories of your soul.

A shamanic activity out of the ordinary …

An adventure in the heart of your soul!

Remember who you are! Remember why you came to Earth!

This is your time, this is now! Participate in the Conscious Explorations of Passages.

Group coaching with Monique Briand, Visionary Life Coach

  • Are you interested in your previous lives?
  • Are you looking for your life mission?
  • Contact with your spiritual guides, does it speak to you?
  • Do you want to heal and lighten your genealogical line (family troubles)?

Releases and healings at the rendezvous!

Join the Conscious Explorations of Passages.

You are guided and supervised in a protected and nurturing environment while your psychic development continues. You are accompanied by an light expert, psychic and clairvoyant.

Expect a spectacular rebirth. Shine through all the splendor of your soul! Yippee!

The Samsarah method of Sarah Diane Pomerleau 

A method of self-healing body, soul and spirit as you travel through important Passages: Birth, Life, Death and the Hereafter.

  • Find inner peace, forgiveness, serenity and understanding;
  • Tame your fears of living and of dying;
  • Open your Heart and your Consciousness;
  • Return to the Essential and the Deep Sense of your life;
  • Transforms limiting beliefs;
  • Life a reconciliation with incarnation;
  • Transmute and reprogram your cells (genetic code, DNA);
  • Stimulate your psychic faculties and initiate yourself to channeling;
  • Free yourself, realize and manifest your Being;
  • Participate in the Awakening and the Planetary Ascension.

Group coaching with your inner guides and an energetic expert, Midwife of the Passages.

In order to promote your awareness and healings, you are guided through passages and interior spaces that you can revisit at will. You learn to use your creative power and the power of your imagination to contact your guides and activate the Realization and the full Consciousness of your Being.

First ritual of passages: Birth

Detachment and Exploration of a Light Space of the Hereafter.

You are directed to your space of the Beyond where you will be able to experience: initiation, healing, relaxation, teachings, messages, energy treatments, harmonization and contact with your deceased loved ones.

Second ritual of passages: Life

Resentment Release, Child and Inner Adolescent Healing, Psychogenealogy and Merlin’s Transmutation Ritual.

Healing one of the unhealthy cycles within your genealogical line.

Third ritual of passages: Death

The Love of Self and the acceptance of our share of light and our part of shadow, the Soul’s Genealogy.

You discover memories of your soul (past lives) and you choose to explore one to know it better.

Fourth Ritual of Passages: Hereafter

The conscious exploration of the chakras and the vertical reconnection.

  • You explore one of your chakras in its multilevel;
  • You interact with Gaia;
  • You meet your Higher Self;
  • You unify your chakras;
  • You strengthen your energy structure;
  • You receive an Initiation of the Passages’ Masters.

*** More information to come about the other four passages: The circle of conscious life, The energy totem, The cosmic snake and The medicine wheel ***

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