Individual Initiation to Reiki

Reiki initiation is offered during a private consultation according to the hourly rate of the consultant.

You receive your opening to the Reiki’s energy with teachings on self-healing.

Your individual initiation includes the sharing of the Reiki Master’s perceptions as she/he serves as a channel for this occasion.

The person who receives this initiation already has a theoretical knowledge of Reiki. She/he did some reading, she/he experimented with the energy of Reiki and she/he comes with her/his questions. If she/he wants more information and treatment on others, it is best to participate in the training of a day.

You can take our course online. It is possible to receive your initiation during a consultation in person or online.

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Le paiement se fait au moment de l’inscription. Renseigne-toi auprès de nous pour nos modalité de paiement.