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Do you want personalized instruction on how to use and interpret the Tarot?

Specific and energetic readings

Some suggestions about reading Tarot

Chakra Reading: Chakra Fortification and Energy Gain
This reading allows you to see your alignment and the effects of your chakras through your energy fields and through the life’s situations. Reading is a tool to target and understand blockages and barriers in front of you in relation to your intention or in relation to yourself. It is an excellent reading to center yourself and to see clearly what to work on to be well aligned with your intention.

Magician’s Reading: The Messengers of Merlin’s Quest
Reading the Merlin’s Quest is to analyzes 4 guides who are currently in relationship with you and who support you in your intention. What are the messages from these guides who are communicating with you today? How can you integrate their energies into your life?

Enlightenment Reading: The 4 Bodies: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual
Like reading the Aura, reading the 4 Main Bodies of your physical dimension allows you to see what is happening in the different spheres of your life. This reading can highlight some ties and also your souls’ plots seeking to reintegrate your being. It can also serve as a trigger for memories of past lives. It is an ideal reading when we have questions about events that affect us and need clarification.

Reading of denouements: The Bridge
Reading the Bridge is used to update your position on a present problem. This allows you to discover the key to free yourself from it and transmute your barriers. It is useful for situating yourself and clarifying fogs, focusing on what is essential for you.

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