Reading of the Merlin’s Quest

Play Merlin Quest (30 to 60 minutes). Make an appointment at 819-568-2643.


Reading 4 guides that currently accompany you includes:

  • An angel
  • A Tarot card
  • A totem animal
  • A semi-precious stone

You receive individual attention from the counselor who guides you through the reading. He / she shows you how to interpret the messages of the 4 guides revealed through the draw and will make the links between them so you can observe their interactions in your life.

You will receive a gift of the chosen stone in the Merlin wallet (value of $ 5).

You can continue your journey with the guides by subscribing to the free game La Quête de Merlin. Your advisor can help you with the subscription.


Present at the appointment :

  • Pleasure and wonders;
  • Synchronicities and coincidences;
  • Connection with yourself, your guides and angels;
  • New knowledge.


Par téléphoneau (819) 568-2643; nous acceptons Visa, Mastercard ou American Express.

En boutique au 867 rue Jacques-Cartier; Interac, argent comptant ou cartes de crédit; Voir nos heures d’ouverture ici.

Le paiement se fait au moment de l’inscription. Renseigne-toi auprès de nous pour nos modalité de paiement.