Are animals speaking to you?

Did you have significant experiences with certain animals?

Have you noticed animals with abnormal behaviors?

Do some animals persist or visit you regularly?

Are you unsure of how to interpret their meaning?

If you want to bring magic and wonder back into your life… Now it is your time!

This text was written just for you. Take a moment to remember Who you are!

Almost everyone has a significant experience or story with an animal. Animals often touch us without we realize it. Animals rightly fascinate us and we should give them our attention. Animals are messengers carrying forces that can be a great value to us when we learn to listen to them. They reflect the archetypal forces for which we have innate knowledge.

The presence of animals in this world reminds us of our responsibility to the Earth. When we chose this life and had the honor of being able to be born on Earth, we also accepted certain responsibilities as Guardians of the Earth. It is a role of partnership with all the elements of the Earth which requires that we be attentive and that we protect Nature and the natural world.

Native Americans have family relationships with everything that exists in nature. Indigenous and aboriginal peoples respect their role as caretakers of the planet. They know that animals are companions, allies, teachers, guardians, spirit messengers, protectors and sometimes vulnerable young family members who need protection. This culture teaches respect for animals and Nature.

The influence of the modern world, focused on the intelligence of the rational and scientific brain, distances us from such an approach of respect for nature.

There was a time when we knew the truth in our Heart. As children, we were more aware, more attentive. We heard the whispers of nature. We knew the animals were talking. We were connected to the magic and wisdom of the natural world.

Then we were socialized and educated to ignore this innate knowledge. It was ashamed to listen and to be sensitive. We learned to be desensitized and that’s how we got disconnected.

Just as our body may be starved from food, our Heart may be starved from wonders.

But all is not lost.

It is important and possible to reestablish our connection with nature. Thus, we find what seemed to be lost and allow Nature and our relationship with animals to rekindle our sense of wonder.

You decided to remember…
Your quest begins here and now…
Your life will be filled with magic again!

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Come discover the wonders of this natural world at the Essence-Ciel!

Monique Briand, Visionary Life Coach