The best Reiki in Outaouais, thanks to a dream! Are you part of it?

I have a dream for Reiki and this is a big dream…

My personal history with Reiki has shown me how important Reiki is so that we can all live healthy at all levels of our being: physically, emotional, mental and spiritual.

In addition, I understood that with Reiki we can clean up the Earth!

My dream for this life is to participate in the depollution of this planet. I am on a mission for this important cause.

In fact, my Reiki dream is to have one Reiki practitioner per family and one per workplace, meaning to have a person who naturally and easily manages energies on a daily basis… This includes non-visible energies!

In our Western culture, this role is forgotten and little known. It is neglected and we all suffer from it. Yet in ancient cultures and in some of the aboriginal cultures of today, there are still these great wise energy leaders who take on this role for their community, and we are only just beginning to realize the importance of the role they have.

Fortunately, hypersensitive beings are still courageously born in our families. Often, they are sick of life because their hypersensitivity is poorly understood and, above all, they do not receive the teachings that allow the development of their skills.

As soon as I experienced Reiki, I took it to heart to try to simplify the teachings, to demystify the approach and to make Reiki accessible to everyone. My vision in terms of energy makes my task easier and allows me to see and understand the movement of Reiki through our energetic bodily structures and our living spaces.

In fact, for me, Reiki quickly became a way of life rather than a simple form of energy treatment. This is why I say that Reiki is for everyone.

This approach is well appreciated by those who come to be initiated here at Essence-Ciel. I am proud to say that we now have 20 years of experience and thousands of insider practitioners and Reiki masters.

Then come and initiate yourself with us in order to be part of this dream. Be the Pillar or a Reiki Lighthouse in your sphere of influence.

Let us take care of welcoming you to the large family of Reiki practitioners.

Come and initiate yourself with us, to be part of this dream.

Hope to meet you and see your fulfillment and the spread of your wings!