Purification Ritual with Sage: Smudging with Teaching

Consultation of 30 minutes rate or more + purchase of a sage stick

You buy the sage stick that will be blessed and used during the ritual. This stick is given to you so you can continue your approach by yourself.

We also offer a free magnetic hematite stone. This stone is used during the teaching to represent the element earth and the gratitude that we have to serve you during your learning. Your stone will be able to accompany you in your ceremonies of future purifications because this one will have been programmed / activated during the ritual at Essence-Ciel. You will leave with your stone, your sage stick and with a written document that contains the links in the Essence-Heaven Portal to the decrees used during the ceremony as well as the purification ritual with sage.

This service includes:

  • Centering and energy cleaning;
  • Hematite stone;
  • Invitations to guides and angels;
  • Consecration of the tools and the place used;
  • Smudging;
  • Gratitude and thanks to the guides and to the consultant.

Par téléphoneau (819) 568-2643; nous acceptons Visa, Mastercard ou American Express.

En boutique au 867 rue Jacques-Cartier; Interac, argent comptant ou cartes de crédit; Voir nos heures d’ouverture ici.

Le paiement se fait au moment de l’inscription. Renseigne-toi auprès de nous pour nos modalité de paiement.