Purification & Reprogramming: The Crown Chakra

Use this technique with any other method you believe appropriate: Reiki, quick eye movement, tapping…

Place your wrist on the crown chakra

And while practicing a counter-clockwise rotation, release the energy that blocks the chakra by unwinding it, undoing it.

Crown chakra

Start the release from the following

  • There is a break with regard to spiritual communications
  • I lack connection with my inner being
  • I am burdened with too much stress
  • I suffer from spiritual confusion
  • My spiritual path requires me to give up money
  • I am suspicious of God
  • God make me suffer
  • I lack of spiritual guidance
  • I cannot trust others
  • I lack of spiritual practices
  • I lack of energy
  • I am filled with negative thoughts

Free every cell of your body

  • I am cut off from my Higher Self
  • Something keeps me from being
  • I am deeply sad
  • I am unbalanced and lacking of harmony
  • I am disconnected from myself
  • I have no inspiration
  • I’m hiding inside myself
  • I lack of esteem and of trust
  • I am cut off from the Divine Source
  • I never have quiet moments
  • I have trouble believing
  • I feel abandoned
  • I lack of protection
  • I feel vulnerable
  • I am easily offended
  • I feel anger towards God
  • I do not deserve spiritual help
  • God forgot me
  • Angels do not help me

Let it go

  • I’m afraid to expose myself
  • My life is without love
  • Life is too painful to bear
  • Money is bad
  • It’s not spiritual to have plenty of money
  • We should never benefit or benefit from our spiritual talents
  • Money is one of the lowest worlds

I release all of this at all levels, from all chakras, from all energy centers
I release everything completely.

You now change the direction of rotation of your wrist, so you now turn clockwise to add, insert what is appropriate for the chakra.
Now I fill this space with energies that are favorable to me.

Thanks my God

I am bound to my higher self

  • I am important to God
  • I am listening to my Divine Self
  • I am inspired
  • I see my true self
  • I hear my inner voice
  • I am positive towards myself
  • I have discernment
  • I am free from outside influences
  • I reach my full potential
  • I deserve
  • I express my greatest truth

Receive, welcome to the crown chakra

  • I am perfect as God created me
  • I have a relationship with the Higher Self of others
  • I am perfect as I am
  • I’m comfortable in my body
  • I am my truth
  • I trust myself
  • I am myself with my family
  • I am accepted in my truth
  • God is here for me
  • I am important to God
  • I act according to my truth

Thanks my God

  • I worth it
  • I am connected to the higher energy of money
  • I draw money through my upper chakras
  • I live with integrity while enjoying my talents
  • I live according to my mission of life and I prosper
  • I use this prosperity to make a difference in this world
  • The spirit guides me in this abundance
  • I exist, I live, the future smile to me
  • I deserve
  • My intuition guides me
  • I transform myself into security
  • I am accepted by others
  • We hear my truth
  • I am comfortable with the expression of my truth
  • I attract those who respect my light
  • I take my place
  • Angels help me
  • God guide me
  • I am one with the universe
  • I am here to make a difference
  • I allow the full expression of my light
  • I radiate my light

Continue to inspire the positive energy in all your cells, activating more truth and light in your chakra. This chakra is released purified and energized.

Now, pronounce

“Now, I feel gratitude that this chakra is purified, liberated and harmonized allowing the creation of a better life.

I am free and autonomous. I am love, peace, joy and light. Life is abundant and I am connected to the Source, to All That iIs. I like, I love, I love and I am very, very loved!

From now on, I will be able to practice with ease and simplicity the purifications, releases and reprogramming when I will feel the need.”