Purification & Reprogramming: The Throat Chakra

Use this technique with any other method you believe appropriate: Reiki, quick eye movement, tapping …

Place your wrist on the throat chakra

And while practicing a counter-clockwise rotation, release the energy that blocks the chakra by unwinding it, undoing it.

Chakra throat

Start the release from the following

  • I’m afraid I do not have power or authority
  • I do not affirm myself
  • I let others take my word
  • I have to be careful of what I say
  • I am frustrated at not finding the right words, it makes me angry
  • I let myself be verbally dominated by others
  • What am I afraid of?
  • I do not need to say anything, it will not change anything
  • No one pay attention to what I have to say
  • I still have communication problems
  • I’m afraid that my words are misinterpreted
  • I’m afraid to say no
  • I’m afraid to speak honestly
  • I do not want to hear it

Free the habits that no longer serve you from your throat chakra

  • I argue
  • I’m afraid to argue
  • I am surrounded by conflict
  • I always find myself in full debates
  • I’m closing myself
  • I have trouble discerning between inner voice and external forces
  • I am influenced by too much voice
  • I feel intense frustration
  • I have rage and anger in my throat
  • I hold my energies
  • I am full of irritation
  • I repress and give my personal power to avoid conflict
  • I have too many repressed emotions which are not expressed
  • I choke on my words

Let it go

  • There is something blocking my voice, something that keeps me from talking
  • I can not swallow my reality
  • It is unacceptable that I express myself
  • I feel guilt and shame
  • I feel the unspoken
  • I recreate the dysfunctional communication patterns of my family
  • I am unbalanced
  • I lack of will
  • I am not centered, I do not have a center
  • I do not even know my own truth
  • I cannot speak for myself
  • It’s too risky to speak
  • I repeat the old dialogues
  • I hold myself
  • I suffer from anxiety attacks
  • I free myself from the lies and illusions I created

Free from the chakra of the throat all habits that no longer serve you

  • I’m arguing
  • I’m afraid to discuss
  • Conflict surrounds me
  • I always have to debate my points of view
  • I’m closing myself
  • I do not distinguish between my inner voice and the outer voices
  • I hear too much voices
  • I have rage and anger in my throat
  • I hold my energies
  • I am full of irritation
  • I give up my power to avoid conflict
  • I am filled with unexpressed emotions
  • I feel a lot of frustration
  • I’m choking on my words

I release all this at all levels, from all chakras, from all energy centers
I release everything completely.

You now change the direction of rotation of your wrist, so you now turn clockwise to add, insert what is appropriate for the chakra.
Now, I fill this space with energies that are favorable to me

Thanks my God

  • I am the authority, my own authority
  • I pronounce my truths and I am supported
  • I am powerful and safe in my family
  • I have the power of free will
  • I am creative of my life
  • I have personal authority
  • I am centered
  • I choose and I decide wisely
  • I recognize and allow the right of opinion and choice of others
  • I recognize and allow myself my opinions and my choices
  • I am honored
  • I am honest and transparent
  • I am True

And now, thanks my God

  • I utter words that reflect my thoughts of love
  • I express myself openly with ease and grace
  • I always say good things the right way
  • I express my emotions
  • I express my emotions safely
  • I accept my reality
  • I understand what’s going on
  • I am comfortable with what I say
  • I choose my words with discernment

Keep inspiring positive energy in all your cells, activating more truth and light in your chakra. This chakra is released purified and energized.

Now, pronounce

“I feel gratitude now that this chakra is purified, liberated and harmonized allowing the creation of a better life.

I am free and autonomous. I am love, peace, joy and light. Life is abundant and I am connected to the Source, to all that is. I like, I love, I love and I am very, very loved!

From now on, I will be able to practice with ease and simplicity the purifications, releases and reprogramming when I will feel the need.”