Purification & Reprogramming: The Solar Plexus

Use this technique with any other method you believe appropriate: Reiki, quick eye movement, tapping…

Place your wrist on the Solar Plexus Chakra

And while practicing a counter-clockwise rotation, release the energy that blocks the chakra by unwinding it, undoing it.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Start the release from the following

  • I have no power, I lack of energy, I am physically exhausted
  • The external world and established systems have power over me
  • I am resentful, I am unable to take the sweetness, I feel lonely
  • I feel bad, I cannot go forward, I cannot

From each cell of the body, continue to release

  • I miss the courage to take risks
  • I cannot honor myself
  • I do not have a relationship with myself
  • I depend on others
  • I cannot take care of myself
  • I am cut off and numb to my own needs
  • I doubt about myself
  • I do not deserve, I am without merit
  • I feel guilty
  • I cannot be loved as I am
  • There is a chasm inside me
  • I try to fill this chasm from the outside
  • I fear the thoughts others have about me
  • It’s the drama that keeps me alive

Continue to release the Solar Plexus

  • I am hurt, I was hurt
  • I have to keep this pain
  • I am without recourse
  • I do not deserve success
  • I cannot change
  • I am caught in self defense
  • I feel rejected
  • You do not take me seriously, you forget me, you do not know me
  • I do not get anything from what I want

Let go all this, once and for all, free the Solar Plexus

  • I am invisible
  • I am easily offended
  • I am disadvantaged
  • I cannot trust myself
  • I am not worthy of inspiration
  • I do not deserve the support of God
  • I am always discouraged
  • My way of thinking is crooked
  • I am full of fears
  • I self sabotage
  • I do not love me
  • I have self-destructive behaviors
  • I always think of all the “I must”, “I should have” and “I would have had to”
  • My head is a real battlefield
  • There is a war inside me
  • I fight with myself

I release all this at all levels, from all chakras, from all energy centers
I release everything completely.

You now change the direction of rotation of your wrist, so you now turn clockwise to add, insert what is appropriate for the chakra.
Now, I fill this space with energies that are favorable to me

Thanks my God

  • I am powerful
  • I use my power wisely
  • I am listening to my emotions
  • I deserve
  • My esteem for me is healthy
  • I deserve joy and happiness
  • I am creative about my thoughts, about myself and my life
  • I have a light heart
  • I am receptive to the sweetness of life
  • I breathe this new life that carries the truth and that lights up in all my cells

Thanks my God

  • My life is growing
  • I deserve to be the best of myself
  • I deserve the attention and the support of God
  • I have a value, I am satisfied
  • My emotions are healthy and guide me
  • I am myself and I am in the present moment
  • My needs are as important as those of others
  • I use my power because I allow myself
  • I create a satisfying life
  • I live one success after another
  • I heal
  • I am vibrant and radiant
  • I am experimenting
  • We are interested in what I have to say
  • I am confident
  • I allow myself to be happy
  • Everything is good

Thanks my God

  • I am filled with Faith
  • I deserve inner peace
  • To love others is easy when I love myself and I accept myself
  • I like who I am and I use my power wisely
  • I am deeply relaxed and in peace
  • I get over it, I create achievements at the best moments
  • I attract all the help I need
  • I am love
  • I am positive
  • I am open to new ways of doing things
  • I have a good discernment
  • I am filled with joy, I am happy
  • I forgive myself and others
  • I am who I believe I am

Keep inspiring positive energy in all your cells, activating more truth and light in your chakra. This chakra is released purified and energized.

Now, pronounce

“I feel gratitude now that this chakra is purified, liberated and harmonized allowing the creation of a better life.

I am free and autonomous. I am love, peace, joy and light. Life is abundant and I am connected to the Source, to all that is. I like, I love, I love and I am very, very loved!

From now on, I will be able to practice purifications, releases and reprogramming with ease and simplicity when I feel the need.”