How to Stimulate the 3rd Eye

Take a deep breath and focus your attention on the area inbetween your eyes. Through your inner vision, let yourself perceive a dark blue swirling circle crossed here and there by flashes of white and purple light. Looking at this circle, you may notice an oval shape placed flat right in front of you. It is your third eye, your window open to clairvoyance and spiritual vision. Ask your third eye to fully lift its eyelid so that you can see fully in all truth and clarity. Take a deep breath and let go of all the blockages related to your spiritual vision by saying these words: I am ready to give up the fear of seeing the future or the past. I am ready to give up all fear of seeing the truth. Then, as you take another deep breath, anchor your new spiritual vision with this statement: I am safe when I allow my higher being to see the truth. My vision is perfectly ordered and illuminated by love.

See and feel your third eye open completely in front of you with clarity and kindness. See it turn its gaze towards you, both of you are one. See and feel the colors of this dark blue chakra dotted with sparks of white and purple light as being perfectly harmonized, purified and balanced. Then make this statement: I can see safely. I love to see the sublime bursts of healing light emanating from my angels. I trust what I see, knowing that it is always for my greatest good.

Extract of the purification of the chakras of Doreen Virtue published in the ADA editions.