Cleaning the Solar Plexus with the Water Element

The water element is recognized from all time, all traditions and in several cultures as being source of life, of purification and of regeneration.

Our body is from 70% water and some of our organs contain more than 80% water.

Water is the vector of our emotions in our body. The solar plexus is our energy center that allows us to live our emotions, to be flexible, free, confident and happy.

When we channel our emotions and energies through our plexus, when the flow is continuous and the exchanges are balanced, all is well. However, if the flow is intense (hypersensitivity), if there are accumulations, the energy level rises rapidly and there may be stagnation, slowing down and fouling of our chakra. Then, like the water that accumulates behind a dike or a dam, when it’s too much… it’s too much!

Here is an exercise that will allow you to do an energy cleaning with the help of the water element to avoid this kind of overflow.

This gentle cleansing allows you to restore a healthy fluidity bringing at once serenity, calm, appeasement, passage and movement to facilitate the passage of clean energies, love, peace and joy.

Solar Plexus Cleansing Exercise with Water Element

In front of a watercourse or during a bath or a shower:

  1. Take the time to center yourself (see our fast and effective centering technique, learned in “21 days for your Personal Power“);
  2. Place your hands in front of and at the height of your solar plexus chakra (located at the navel or just a little higher);
  3. With your hands, make a gesture starting from your plexus and opening towards the water. Do it 3 times;
  4. At the third opening, keep your hands open in front of your plexus until the energy is released;
  5. Speak inward or outward: “I ask the water to welcome and transform these energies for the good and the best of all. Thanks, thanks, thanks. “

Connection with the element Water

Since you are thus establishing a relationship with the water element, it is also appropriate that, when you have the opportunity, you take concrete actions to participate in the cleanup of water.

For example, you can transmit Reiki to the streams you encounter.

You can participate in an annual world ceremony at Bear Moon and sing for the water.

There are a thousand of ways to thank the water and help clean up the water. Let your heart guide you.