Renewal of interest in Tarot and in Divinatory Arts

Thanks to new knowledge related to the Law of Attraction, there is a renewed interest in the field of divinatory arts, and especially in Tarot. It is with good reason that the Tarot remains popular! Now we understand how this divination system works.

These tools offer more than just divination, oracles are great for personal growth. When we are interested in the mystery associated with Tarot, we quickly discovers that the ancient Archetypes of the Tarot are as relevant today as 6000 years ago. These archetypes become guides and fellow travelers as we journey through our life experiences.

Over the years, the participants in Tarot training have revealed to us what prompted their interest in Tarot. Here are the results of these shares.

The multiple uses of divinatory tools

Various reasons to learn Tarot

  • Tool to know yourself
  • Help to unblock energies, awareness
  • Develop intuition
  • Connects us to our Higher Self
  • Helps to understand the present in relation to the past and the future
  • Tarot is a medium that clarifies what we already know
  • Facilitates communication with our loved ones
  • Lets listen to our spiritual guides
  • Social tool that breaks the ice
  • Meditation instrument
  • Teens are interested in Tarot so parents can use it to improve their relationships with their teens.
  • Problem solving tools: give perspective
  • Clarification for making decisions
  • Bridge between the conscious and the unconscious
  • Tools to deepen various paths eg: Kabbalah, Zen, Celtic, mythology, psychology, magic, Templars, etc.
  • Professional and therapeutic tools that can become a source of income

Finally, some people came to learn out of curiosity, under the influence of a loved one, for fun (pleasure) or by chance. At the end of these Tarot learning activities and other divinatory games, everyone agrees that even if it is a real pleasure, they realize that they are also serious initiation tools that require our respect.

To benefit from these divinatory tools, it is important to be in agreement with a transformation, an intensive experience and an elevation of consciousness. This is embellished for the person who is ready to be true and to honor him/herself, aligned with his/her path while developing his/her gifts and skills.

The choice of a oracle or a Tarot

Choosing the Oracle is an important step. There should be an undeniable attraction between the person and the tool. Nowadays we have an extraordinary choice so everyone can find something to her/his taste.

At Essence Ciel, we have a wide selection of these games available to you. We also have several demonstration games as well as advisers who will be happy to guide you. In addition, during Tarot workshops and trainings, you can experiment with a wide selection of games available to you for practice. By participating in these practices and trying out various games, you will discover your preferences.

Learn to use an oracle or a Tarot

For learning, there are more than one approach.

  • You can learn the meaning of the cards or elements of the Oracle intellectually or you can approach them intuitively
  • You can receive a transfer of knowledge from a loved one or from an ancestor
  • You can learn about the archetypes and symbols of the oracle by living them daily. Sign up for free (Merlin’s Quest to Essence-Ciel)
  • You can follow a training or a workshop
  • More opportunities we have to practice, the more we master the tool
  • You can practice on yourself and offer readings to your loved ones
  • Even better, you can combine the approaches between them

It is important to choose a method that you like and to repeat the same divination differences in order to master them. At first, it is best to refrain from looking at too many books and different authors. You will do this with less confusion after you have acquired a good knowledge bases.

At Essence-Ciel, you find lessons for the use and proper approach of oracles and Tarot.

When you benefit from its expertise and lessons, you facilitate your learning and you avoid many detours. The methods transmitted during these activities give you a simple path to follow, save you time and avoid common difficulties. In fact, you can learn everything you need to do your reading in a day. In one day, you are ready to do fascinating readings for you and your loved ones.

You can also participate in the activity Explore your gifts with Tarot. A stimulating activity of Tarot practice and openness to your gifts.

To conclude, this renewed interest in the divinatory arts may be linked to our need to find ourselves, to return to what is important and true for ourselves. These tools reveal themselves to us as long lost friends; they predate Egyptian civilizations.

The Tarots have survived the test of time and it is this seniority that commands our respect.

I wish you a happy journey filled with value with the tool of your choice!