Ritual: Tarot Initiation

Decide on the best time to start your initiation with the tarot. When you are ready to begin the ritual:

  1. Remove the 22 major arcanas from the game and keep them separate for the duration of each of the three exercice’s phases.
  2. You can practice a ceremony of consecration of your major arcanas specific to this ritual (see ceremony of consecration).
  3. Create a Journal with 22 pages, one page for each major arcana of the Tarot. You can include an image of each of the arcana.
  4. At a chosen moment of tranquility (either at the beginning of the day or in the evening the day before), magnetize your cards by holding them in your hands and brewing them, then choose a card for the day.
  5. Look at the picture and watch the details.
  6. Read the definition in your accompanying book or check the Essence-Ciel website.
  7. Live your day and be aware of the times when you interact with the energies of the Arcane of the day.
  8. Go to the corresponding page of the arcane chosen in your journal and write the date and your first impressions: keywords and short sentences. It is sometimes necessary to spend more than one day with an arcane to make the experiment.
  9. When you are ready, choose your next arcane. You keep the arcana worked apart from those not chosen (do not put the arcana worked with the others).
  10. You continue until you have completed the 22 arcanas.

Your journal should now contain one entry for each of the major Arcana on its 22 pages.

After such a journey, you deserve a reward and you take a break. Thank your Guides and Archetypes of Major Arcanas and put your cards together (Major Arcanas and Minor Blades).

Practice doing readings whenever possible. Then, when you feel ready, you start the course exactly like the first time. This time, you also check in your journal your personal notes of the chosen Arcane before starting your day. Then, following your day, you write on the appropriate page of your diary the additional experiences. You redo the route through the 22 arcanas and you take a break again.

Make your gratitude and reward your efforts.

Finally, you will resume the course a third and last time. This time, when you choose your card, you do not look at it. You live your day and you will be able to identify during the day the presence of the energy of the arcane. You will be eager to confirm the accuracy of your intuition.

In fact, it is extraordinary to see how much we can guess the presence of the Archetype of Major Arcanas. If you identify a dozen arcanas during the course, consider that it is excellent. 1 in 3 of well identified is very good, unless it means you should consider resuming the course.

Regardless of the outcome, you will come out of this enriched adventure because you will have consolidated your relationship with ancestral Guides. It’s precious!