Sonia Dagenais

  • Artisan de Lumière
  • Auteur/ Créateur/ Artiste
  • Clairvoyant/e
  • Conseiller/ère
  • Consultant/e
  • Énergéticienne
  • Maître Reiki
  • Thérapeute énergétique

My name is Sonia, I have been part of the L’Essence Ciel Family since March 2019. I am a volunteer of the boutique. They call me the fairy here at the boutique. I am a fairy in my everyday life as well. At home, at work, and here! I am passionate of L’Essence Ciel since the Gatineau Tornados hit in 2018. I went to the boutique for the first time with my mother. I bought a few items to help with the anxiety from living through the tornado. I honestly don’t know where I had been to not have known about L’Essence Ciel until then…but everything happens for a reason and this is living proof of that. One day in 2019 I saw that the boutique was asking for volunteers….I quickly sent my resume and got my role at the boutique right away…..I AM SO HAPPY to be part of this beautiful team! I could not thank Monique Briand enough for the opportunity to have me on board of the team!

My Reiki journey started in 2003. I got my Reiki Level 1 on May 17th, 2003 ~ Level 2 on June 21st, 2003 ~ Level 2 Advanced on May 1st, 2004 and finally my Reiki Master title March 26th, 2005 and since then, I have been on a roller coaster of waves in my live. Good and bad….all of which has helped me become who I am today.

Throughout the years, being a Reiki Master, my intuition, my predictions, and my manifestation have gotten very strong. I don’t know how to explain it into detail, because it just happens when its supposed to happen and it’s helped me a great deal along the years. I must say, that since I’ve been volunteering here at the boutique, those gifts have been heightened a lot! In the past, I was not open enough honestly to see the true potential of my gifts, I knew I had them but they were not working at their full potential. Everything shifted now. I have healed myself from being toxic in my past (years 1998-2015) to working towards being my best self physically, mentally and spiritually.

Since 2015, I have been on what I call my spiritual journey to loving myself….I started walking, spending time in the outdoors, doing artsy things like Youtube videos and photography. I started my Youtube channel “Sonia Dee” to track my process in my journey where I call it The Next Phase. It’s all about evolving into the best version of yourself.

I look forward to meeting you! and start this Next Phase of our life!

♥ Sonia

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