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Propulse-toi vers tes rêves – Coaching en ligne

Activité de coaching en ligne avec Monique Briand  Es-tu prêt à manifester tes rêves ? Ton rêve est important!  Fais de ta...

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A Meeting with your Guides: Experiencial Activity: Explore Your Gifts!

Expanding consciousness experience supported by Monique Briand, Visionary Life Coach, Energy Expert, Medium and Clairvoyante Do you have doubts about your psychic...

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Life Mission : The Shamanic Path : Group Coaching

Who are you? Is it time for you to know? Are you looking for the meaning of your life? Do you need...

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Conscious Explorations of Passages: The Samsarah Method

 Includes the preparatory evening « A Meeting with your Guides » (Worth 250$)  Receive the revelations of your soul; Stimulate and exercise...

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Animal’s Medecine

There are several levels of interaction with the animal wisdom's energy. This wisdom can be a powerful medicine for the person who...

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21 Days for your Empowerment

Payment method in 3 payments available. Free yourself from harmful and undesirable energies; Increase your energy level; Take back your personal power;...

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