Practicing Tarot in our everyday life

Note: This article is about practicing with the Tarot, but it applies very well to all oracles that have a visual. ?


I practice the tarot at least once a day since the end of 2016. I take a picture of each of my day’s readings every morning.

Obviously, I love Tarot.

At the store, when a customer is looking for a new Tarot game, my passion for divination arts and personal development ignites. ? Unfortunately, too often, I hear customers telling me this tragic story:

“Oh, you know, I have a lot of games at home,
but I do not use it often and they are taking dust… “

Or: “I have some games at home, but I do not know what to do with them…”

It’s always a bit sad to hear it. Our tools and supports, such as Tarot, are there to help us. We need to give them a little love so that they can radiate their greatest potential and become exceptional allies.

But, frankly, I understand that the Tarot’s obstacles can be daunting:

  • We do not know our cards which it get us stuck on some cards and it discourages us;
  • We do not have much practice;
  • We lack of confidence in our reading because we do not know if we do it right;
  • We do not have so many questions to ask to our Tarot or to our Oracle, so we have fewer opportunities to use it;
  • The ritual around the Tarot can take a lot of time.

This makes it difficult to integrate our oracle into our everyday lives.

And I understand, because I have already been in the same boat.

Today, I consider the Tarot as being an extension of me, a direct look at the subtle energies around me. But initially, I did not have a great entourage to practice with and I had very little confidence in my reading. But after a few readings with my family and close friends, they did not really have any more questions to ask, either…

Reading more books on the Tarot was very interesting, but I quickly noticed a problem: after reading on some maps, the new knowledge that I had made through my readings did not “stick” in my mind and I remained still paralyzed in front of some cards.

I remember reading three different books of three different approaches to the Tarot in 2016 and when I finally took the time to practice, some blades with which I had difficulty.

In front of them, I had a total white.

I felt practically my third eye close between my eyebrows.

I knew at that time that I had to integrate my cards. Reading the books was not enough. I needed to practice tarot more often. I needed to “stick” the information seen in the books in my personal life experience because do not we all have a unique openness to the world around us?

I knew that if I “sticking” my life to my cards, it would be easier. That would become more natural…

So I decided to extend my Tarot practice beyond readings and traditional questions to better integrate it into my life.

So, if the Tarot attracts you and fascinates you too, I share two main keys to better understand and integrate your Tarot blades.

  1. Daily practice: the best way to nurture your bond of trust with your intuition is to practice every day.
  2. The discovery and the journey: to associate the energy of the map with the events that you live in order to integrate well the nature and the essence of the map.

How to practice tarot every day

To learn the Tarot and really integrate it into our life, there are not 38 ways.

Daily practice is the most important element.

We know: if you are able to integrate something new for 21 days, new neural paths are created and a new habit can be integrated more easily. Once your Tarot practice is well established in your habits, it becomes simple and natural. Messages become clearer and connected to the energies you know and decipher.

To prepare simple steps, it seems to take time, but once integrated, it’s easier!

  • Revise our question and our intentions to formulate them well;
  • Ask our guides to accompany us;
  • Choose a moment of solitude and of silence to focus;
  • To install the energies: to purify our environment, our cards and our supports with ritual (candles, stones, consecrated fabrics…).

It is clear that taking this kind of time every day is not always easy. Moreover, unless we are constantly reassessing our lifestyle choices, it can be difficult to ask questions every day without becoming repetitive. Obviously, you do not want to become too repetitive either. Indeed, if one ask the same question without really integrating the answers previously, this tends to erode our confidence in our intuition because it is as if we are questionning our messages received.

It is okay to try to clarify points and other issues that have been raised in one reading, but repeating the same question is not the best solution to our problem of practicing daily.

So, how to practice Tarot every day?

We identify our habits and we go beyond the “classical” rituals.

In fact, when we ask our question or when we reveal our intention to Tarot, we align our own vibration towards what we are looking for. The ritual around it – the help request for guides, the support objects, the time off – are there to help us to align our vibration so that the messages are clearer and aligned with our question.

Rather than staging our usual ritual to answer questions with the Tarot… it is possible to integrate the Tarot into our existing rituals. Everyone has it, even you! Just find them.

Here is the example par excellence: everyone gets up in the morning.

You most certainly have your own morning routine. Even if you live a little disorganized, like me, there are things that you do every morning or almost. These are your habits and they can serve as a stepping stone to welcome the Tarot in your daily life.

The best way is to find the best moment in your morning routine to integrate it. Let’s see what it looks like…

In my case, I always tried to integrate a morning routine but without success. I have a variable and non-fixed schedule. I often forget to bring lunch. You can imagine that it is difficult for me to take time to do a Tarot reading ritual in the morning.

But, like the majority of people, I have habits to really wake up and start my days. For example, the ten minutes I spend between my room and the bathroom to prepare and get dressed. Every day, without fail. I have to get dressed!

So I left a game of Tarot, ready to use, directly on the furniture in which my clothes are stored. Since it’s in my face every day, it’s almost impossible for me to forget it. This simple addition allows me to be one-on-one with my Tarot every morning.

The Reading of the Day

Once my tarot sneaks into my routine, rather than brainstorming to find a question to answer every day, I rather focus on my intentions for the day. I focus my energy in my heart while asking myself these questions:

  • What are my goals for the day?
  • What intentions do I have for myself today?
  • What are the obligations, the emergencies?

You can see here the different quick steps to start your reading.

When I’m finally ready, I turn back toward to my game and ask myself the following question:

“What is the most important message for me today? “

In this way, my game on its altar reveals to me every day the energies with which I will work.

Quite simply.

I then write down my intentions for the day and the result in my diary which is located right next to my game. We must take time to analyze the blade in relation to your personal goals.

The altar on my furniture (summer 2018)

PS: If you do not have a Tarot at home, you can use our online game on the Essence-Ciel website. It works very well! ?

Go beyond readings

We could stop there. As a result of this reading, it is quite acceptable to tidy up our Tarot, thank it and go on our routine. However, for a beginner, it is possible that choosing a card and reading it in your accompanying book is not enough to open your third eye.

You still need to connect your energy to your personal life to develop your connection with it.

But as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it’s important to connect our cards with our personal experiences. Technically, at the Cartesian level, it is possible to learn the cards by heart. On the other hand, if they are not intimately connected with your personal experiences and your way of life, their vast potential will remain hidden.

That’s why I love doing this reading in the morning, because I can then take the opportunity to immerse myself in the cards’ energy revealed during the rest of the day. Sometimes it puts me in perspective. Often, it confirms what I already know and it reinforces my understanding of my cards.

7 Tips to practice your Tarot every day

Practiced seriously, the Reading of the Day is a powerful tool for the third eye’s development. This also helps to better understand the energy state of the latter. It is a very accessible method and easy to integrate, but it is not the only technique to better integrate your oracle.

It is possible to go even further in our connection with the cards in front of us. It takes a little more time, but it’s essential work for the cards to become an extension of ourselves.

Here is an overview of 7 practice techniques I have organized for our Essence-Ciel’s clients:

  1. The Reading of the Day and the Analysis in Depth;
  2. Self discovery;
  3. Spread his Web of Knowledge;
  4. Artistic creativity;
  5. Stimulate his spontaneity;
  6. Psychic Development;
  7. And, finally, playing!