How to: Smudging / Purification with Sage (Introduction)

Smoke from herbs or from incense is used to cleanse and balance the energy field around people, objects, homes and even sacred places of nature. The smoke ritual is also called “smudging”. It symbolizes the cleansing, harmonization and balancing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. As the smoke rises, the heavy energies are replaced by the more beneficial energies.

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Ritual for the fumigation of a place

This ritual involves lighting stick herbs in a container or in a shell and using your hand or bird feathers to direct the smoke.

To purify a place, one has to start from the bottom toward the upper place. We walk through the rooms along the walls and in the corners. All of this, clockwise. It is also good to open a door or window.

By observing the rising smoke, it can indicate to us by its movement the points where there is accumulation of energy. We can then order the energy to leave by saying “Go away” or “Farewell” for example.

During fumigation, it is important to consciously install the energies you choose to take the place of the heavy energies that you disperse. Popular examples are good health, security, joy, gratitude, or tranquility.


Turn on yourself three times with the stick:

  • At the knee
  • At the heart
  • At the head

This creates a sacred spiral of energy and releases your aura.

Energy cleaning for someone else

To “smudge” another person, we send smoke to each of their chakras. The person can use their hands to direct the smoke towards the chakras, starting with the crown towards the base chakra, then under the feet, behind and under the arms which will be lengthened. This process leaves the person in an energy of lightness and of great peace.

Everything you need to successfully purify yourself with Sage

These teachings serve as an introduction to purification with sage.

To better understand and integrate all the elements of this sacred ritual, you can deepen and receive additional teachings which include decrees for the accompaniment of guides, centering, blessings and gratitudes.

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