I feel invisible presences around me, is it possible?

Indeed, we are surrounded by energies invisible to our eyes. These energies can be positive or negative, beneficial or undesirable.

Since you are interested in knowing more about the energies that surround us:

  1. You can learn to develop your abilities for extra-sensory perceptions. The extra-sensory organs of perception are the chakras. See our section on chakras for everything we offer to support you.
  2. When you participate in Reiki formation, you learn to strengthen your chakras through self-treatment. The use of Reiki and the integration of the Reiki method as a way of life allow you to make psychic overtures safely. See our full Reiki section.
  3. You can also learn to perceive and direct the energies. You can live the experience of Group Coaching “21 days for your Empowerment“.
  4. You can learn how to Purify with sage.
  5. You can receive individual purification with teachings.