Am I Medium?

Since you are ready to open yourself to this possibility, you can embark on a developmental path to mediumship.

1. You can consult the following articles: The mediumship’s signs and The medium’s categories

2. You can go on an adventure in the area of ​​Psychic development – mediumship

3. You can participate in the following activities and training:

  1. Reiki formation: You will choose to channel the universal life force. By doing so, you will have a method that will allow you to be immune to less desirable influences from the astral. Reiki will give you a way to intervene when you feel affected by difficult life situations.
  2. A 21-day coaching for your personal power: You will learn methods of centering and of fast and effective energy cleaning which will allow you to maintain a healthy energy hygiene thus favoring your open-mindedness.
  3. 22 weeks for the success of your life goals: Initiation course. Group coaching.
  4. 8 weeks of transformation to your full potential: We learn deeper about the chakras.
  5. Conscious explorations of the passages: These are four guided inner journeys, expanding consciousness, which will allow you to recover memories while establishing safe working benchmarks in the other dimensions. It will also allow you to establish better confidence in yourself and your skills.
  6. Reading the aura: will give you an understandable structure to allow you to develop your clairvoyance. You will activate your pineal gland through the work that will be done in the right brain.
  7. Tarot formation: Everything you need to do readings will be revealed to you in one day. You will then be able to consult this oracle for yourself or for others in order to receive clarification on any life situation. It will allow you to develop your psychic faculties with popular and well-liked support.

4. If you prefer to be introduced to certain concepts before formations, you can participate in the following events:

  1. Listen to your Guides” conference: The conference teaches you how to receive messages and knowledge relevant to your journey and to your personal development. It is also the divinatory arts in the light of new scientific discoveries of our time.
  2. Approach to the Angels: To develop your relationship with the angels. You interact with your angels and with your guides in order to personally receive your messages and your guidance.
  3. Clairvoyance, the world of energies demystified: To learn to see and read energies.
  4. Presentation “Am I medium? “: The medium defined so that everyone can identify with this faculty of being medium. Recognizing ourself as a medium allows the healthy development of this mediumship, this hypersensitivity. Instead of undergoing the dissonant energies of those around us, we can learn to direct and transform them for the better of all. Instead of the repression of the being which causes a lack of energy and several psychic problems, we can honor this hypersensitivity and relate to the multiple dimensions of our being. A new world presents itself to us. Awakening creativity and the forces that lie dormant in us and alignment with our life mission are now possible.

5. Have fun, participate in the free online game The Quest for Merlin. Make room for your inner child. Go on an adventure, have fun, because it is a way of development that engages the right brain which is the seat of intuition and imagination! You will thus meet guides who are waiting for you to assist you.