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According to our definition, there are several categories of prayers (gratitude, blessings, invocations, intercessions, offerings, presence, sharing / confidences). Prayer can be practiced individually or shared in a group.

In the context of our spiritual life, prayer can be an inner meditative attitude arising from a feeling of oneness with God or with divinity. Prayer is a means of communication that puts us in direct line with the Creator of the universe. Prayer can be a heart to heart or a thought expressed verbally or be recited in a group. Through prayer, we establish and maintain a link with the Source / God.

Here you can see examples of prayers ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate. Our wish is that your connection to the Source will be strengthened by the simple practice of prayer and that you will thus be guided directly by God towards your own creative power.

This 2nd of February, let’s make Abundance for the year!

Abundance : Buy your salt February 2nd at Essence-Ciel! ⛰️ There is a tradition to ensure abundance for the coming year: just...

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Prayer: To Get the Courage to follow our Mission of Life

Dear Archangel Michael, I invoke you, hear this prayer that comes from my heart. I ask to be aware of my life...

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Prayer: To remember our Life Mission

Dear God and angels, I call upon you, hear this prayer which comes from my heart. It seems like I forgot why...

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Prayer: Gratitudes toward the Wheel of Life

I thank the Universe for its support. I commit to be the best of myself, unified with the purpose of my soul....

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Prayer: Blessing meals

Simplified version "Centered in the heart. May the blessings be on this meal as well as o all those who helped to...

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I remember where I come from!

Where I come from... Disagreements are impossible, we are transparent. Pollution is nonexistent, our universe is pure. Anger is inconceivable, we are...

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Prayer: Offering the best of Ourself

I would like to offer the best of myself... Today, what can I do to fill my life of love? Today, did...

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